Thursday, January 15, 2009

Outrageous Joy!!

You've seen an image like this before and know what it is...

Did you notice whose name is at the top?! (though, both first and last names are misspelled!)

That's right! By now, you have figured out that the little peanut pictured above is my grandbaby! Yup!! For real... Woohoo!!! I jumped for joy when I heard the news, and, of course, both Joe and I got all teary-eyed... oh, that little one is loved lavishly already!!

Kristiina and Nic received the news on December 23rd. Kristiina had to go to the ER late that evening because of severe pain in her chest (likely a broken rib - but no idea how it might have happened - since she's a snowboarding maniac... it probably happened on the slopes). She had had it for weeks and saw a doctor previously, but that's a different story... the bottom line there is, it was getting worse. So, they naturally wanted to take an x-ray (she didn't have one before), but when Kristiina told them what she suspected, they gave her a pregnancy test instead. The nurse came back and simply said "Yes!" "Yes, what?" they replied. {{grin}} Since it was unexpected (even though it was suspected) it took a little time to sink in.

They called us on their way home from the hospital. It was very late, and "Not exactly the way I would have liked to share the news." Kristiina said. But, I was leaving early the following morning with mom to head up their way for Christmas and they wanted to tell us together. That was good... I'm glad I was with Joe when we heard so we could celebrate it together. What a fantastic feeling... oh my goodness; nothing like it, really. We're absolutely elated. We fell asleep that night dreamy-eyed and smiling. (And, now that they've had the first pre-natal visit, it's okay to go public). :-)

It's stalled the North Carolina plans. We both feel a strong tug toward Vermont, now!! You can imagine... since most of you know us... you know we're hands-on, hugs-and-kisses kind of people and can't really fathom doing the thing long-distance. Since we're pulling up stakes here in Florida anyway, it just seems like it might be the time to get close to the kids, again. It's not definite, though. There are lots of things to consider, of course. There are pros and cons for both NC and VT. We're currently gathering facts and "waiting and seeing." {{sigh!!}} We know we're going, but don't know where and don't know when. Oy!

I'll keep you posted on that, but in the meantime, go check out Kristiina's blog (regularly), as she has posted about the pregnancy, and will update it often!!

Oh, by the way... her rib is doing much better. It only hurts if she "stretches really deeply." So, for now, she's avoiding stretching really deeply!!


Dot O said...

Thrilling, absolutely thrilling!!! So, will you be Mom Mom, Grandmom, Nana, Grandma ???

Congrats and good to see you blogging again!

theArthurClan said...

So, so, soooooo very excited for you Pam!!! I have a feeling you are going to be one of the best grandmas ever created.

Super-huge congrats to you and your hubby...oh, and to the mommy and daddy too of course. ;)

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