Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I [Heart] Faces - Pets Only

My blog friends, Angie and Amy, started a photography contest/tutorial blog called I [Heart] Faces almost a year ago (wish I knew how to type a heart symbol in here, that's what it's supposed to be). The blog says that this is Week 49! Whoa, time flies.

When they first announced they were doing it... I thought, "Ooo, that will be fun!" Then I realized I don't do faces. Really. I hardly ever get pictures of people unless it's a special occasion ...and then they're not WOW portraits, they're just memory catchers (which is a good thing, but not what you enter in a contest).

This week I learned that the theme is Pets Only... now, I think I can muster something up in that category {{grin}} ...I have pets!

One of my favorite pet photos was taken before I had a DSLR, and while I surely don't expect it winning any awards, it always makes me smile.

See if it makes you smile...

Mama kisses Sara - E

This is my Zeila girl giving her little Sara (runt of the litter) a sweet mama-doggy lick about an hour after she was born. That darling pup is now 2.5 years old and is pretty and precious as can be!

Whew! And I'm happy to say that a full year didn't pass, and 2009 didn't go out, without my submitting at least one photo to the I [Heart] Faces Blog!



Ms. Diva said...

OMGoodness! Beautiful!!!

KristiinaSheree said...

I <3 it!!! Our sweet Sara could steal anyones heart! Glad you made it into the contest. Mwah!

zbluesun said...

Beautiful!! Ahhh. Puppy love. Brings back memories of two litters my Husky fathered, that I got to see being born.

Jenna said...

OH My GOodness! how precious I just can't help but talk in a baby voice when I see little puppies that sweet!

Alysha Gray said...

OMGGGGGGGG.... How excited are you to have been able to take this picture.

Dot O said...

Oh Pam, this is the sweetest. You captured such a great perspective - and all the love a mama dog has for her just-born puppy.

I think your one and only could be a winner!!! No rules that say that only DLSR owners can win!!!

Cris said...

Triple awww, Pammy!!! Hardly seems possible that tiny little face is now our grown up Sara!

Katy said...

so very sweet! love it!

serline said...

What a sweet puppy face. I want to kiss on those pink nose.

Christina said...

Love the perspective on this photo ~ great capture! Too sweet! :)

Roylyn said...

Pam,you've got my vote.

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