Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two Weeks Ago Today

Jiminy Cricket! It's been two weeks since I've posted anything.

I thought that when I arrived in this beautiful land, I would just have soooo much to write about; so much to share. And I do, but apparently for now it's to stay in the quietness of my heart because, truthfully, words elude me. Maybe I'm overwhelmed by the newness of it all. It's a lot to take in... in a really, really, wonderful way!

So, let me share in pictures... as I seem to do so often lately because, well, pictures are worth a thousand words!

This is Dexter's perch; his watchtower, from where he monitors all the goings on outside.

That is unless he needs to know what's going on out front; in which case, this is his perch! (Love seat has been Dexter-proofed by a blue sheet!)

We have snakes. This one is captured here tormenting my dogs. He was on the other side of the fence just spitting and hissing... literally sticking his tongue out at them while they went berserk!

Finally, he had had enough of that and he slithered away. Unfortunately for him, several days later he slithered into dog territory (their side of the fence) and it did not go well for him... it was a fatal mistake, as I discovered Severed Snakey. Eeew.

And that red clay dirt all over the stairs is from the day prior when the little punkins' dug a hole... a cavern... practically a tunnel... under the driveway, and threw the dirt all over the place. Just precious, they are! {{grumble}}

On the brighter side, I also discovered calla lilies in the yard. My heart sings. We have so many flowers. {{ethereal sigh}}

Our patio. I like to sit out here in the evenings (and I'm delighted that in July it's cool enough to do so!) and watch lightening bugs. They still intrigue me. In the mornings, I sometimes come out here with my coffee and bible study. The birds are happy and melodious in the morning! I enjoy the background music they offer.

Those chairs are from our Florida patio. Someday I'd like to replace those with wooden rockers... then we're talkin' NC porch!

Evening glow on the Queen Anne's Lace. Kinda dreamy.

I was meandering the property across the street, camera in-hand, of course, and stopped to drink in this sunset from one of the home sites. Beyond beautiful...

I think that's all for today. And I promise it won't take 2 weeks to return! Besides, there's 10,000 more where these came from, so stay tuned... ;-)



The Farmer's Wife said...

Hello, Miss Pam,

It's wonderful to see pictures from your life! Except the can keep the snake.
The shot of the mountains at sunset is breathtaking! And I'm very envious of your patio.

I've been sluggish with my blog, too. Don't know if I just can't focus, or if I'm not all that interesting in the summer....hmmm.

Cris said...

Pammy, Aw my sweet daughter, I cannot begin to tell you how very happy I am for the joy you find there in N.C. As much as I miss you here, it pleases me that you have found this wonderful haven!

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