Monday, June 22, 2009

Pickin' in the Park?

Is that what I said I was going to try to do last Thursday... attend Pickin' in the Park at Horseshoe Bend Park?

Well, it was more like Pickin' in the Yard!

Check it out!

I was wandering around in the yard with my camera seeing what new flowers were blooming, when I spotted this!

Could it be...

Yes, it is! I have some ripe blackberries!! I didn't expect this. I thought the blueberries would be ready first since someone told me that the blackberries usually ripen in August.

Ah well, it wasn't Mountain Man Bob who shared the info with me, so... next time I'll confirm it with him!

Whoo hoo!! I dashed in the house to get my little berry bucket and started picking! Darn those thorny thorns... my arms got all scratched up. Oh well, I didn't care. I picked and plucked furiously (because dinner was on the stove... oh bother. I had to stop midway and get eating out of the way.)

By the time I was done, I had filled my little plastic 1lb. berry container that I had washed and saved when my store-bought strawberries were gone.

And you know what? I have discovered that I can make a decent size batch? of blackberry preserves with one pound of berries!

I can trust that I have succeeded in picking one pound of berries since they fill my 1lb. container, right?

The exciting part is that was only a small percentage of what was ripe. I still have days' worth of picking to do!

UPDATE: I picked two more pounds of berries last night!! Oh, are we gonna have preserves!


The Farmer's Wife said...

Don't you feel rich?! My Aunt Margie used to say, about small blessings, "I just feel so rich!". What a treasure! Just goes to show you that locals may be leading you astray, hoping you won't look for blackberries until August, giving them a chance to squirrel away the majority....

Can't wait to see your jars of preserves!

theArthurClan said...

I'm so jealous!! Those look so yummy. :)

taralynn819 said...

Hi! I saw you on Angie Smith's blog where you wrote that your dad passed away April 10th '08. My dad passed away on April 20th same year. Easter has become a heavy and joyful time all at the same time. I'm sure you can relate.

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