Friday, June 12, 2009

Lord Have Mercy

on me and my stinkin' dog obsession!

Would you just look at this....

Here's another that would have come home with me if our dog-seams weren't busting! I'm so infatuated with this little munchkin I could about faint.

Seriously... have you ever seen anything so captivating ?!

(Okay, aside from your own babies... whether they be human, canine, feline...)

I can't stop looking at this picture. I'm completely mesmerized.

What an unusually beautiful dog!

He looks like he belongs in this dog family (which is my dog family - taken 2 summers ago)...

...except that the Lord was just getting started painting his beautiful coat when the little guy made his big appearance.

Oh, goodness-gracious... I'm a wreck. Just a hopeless, dog-lovin' mess!

He and his three siblings (who, like our four, look nothing alike) were at the Arts in the Park festival in Blue Ridge a couple of weeks ago hoping to be adopted. Having been found at the side of a road, they were being cared for and fostered by Second Chance, a rescue organization, until they find their permanent homes.

Incidently, when I told Joe how nuts I am about him, he said, "Why didn't you bring him home?" The funny part is, he was only half kidding. He's got it bad, too! It really takes restraint on both our parts... we have to be strong for each other! When I come across a little pup like this one that makes me go weak in the knees, he tells me, "No, no..." and vice versa.

Well, thankfully we both agree (that is, we're both fanatical)! Wouldn't it be awful if only one of us were afflicted with this dog-craze, and the other was all prudish about dog hair , dog kisses, dog antics, etc.?!


The Farmer's Wife said...

From another dog-crazy to could you STAND it?

We are frantically looking for an Irish Setter. We've tried all the rescue associatins, but no one responds...I think they aren't sure where Montana is, or how to get a Setter there.

Love these little pictures!

Cris said...

How sweet this little puppy is!! I can understand why he/she has you smitten.

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