Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cherries and Berries

They're our latest anticipation.

Well, not the cherries anymore. Those are gone... eaten!

Mountain-Man Bob came over last week to check on the cherries for me. He said I could go ahead and pick the really red ones and probably have enough for a pie, then come back in a couple of days and the lighter ones should be ready to pick.

Mmmm. I grabbed a little bucket and started picking! I plucked and stretched and reached; I yanked on limbs to pull them closer, I even got the step stool but that was a bad idea since the tree is situated on a steep slope. I didn't fall, but my little bucket of cherries did. {groan}

By the time I picked every ripe cherry I could possibly reach, I only had a medium-sized bowlful. (Mountain-Man Bob is 6' tall... he may have been able to reach enough for a pie! Actually, so is Joe... but he wasn't around when I was picking...)

Don't they look pretty in my little blue bowl? That's handmade pottery from Barbados Earthworks. We picked it up in Barbados when we celebrated our Silver Anniversary there in '06. Over on the side there's a Flickr Badge of pics from the trip. But I digress.

Actually, let me digress again. My pics just don't look crisp to me. They seem to when I'm looking through my lens, but then I see them big on the computer screen and I'm disappointed. Is it my poor eyesight that causes me to be unable to get a perfectly clear photo? I'm frustrated.

Okay, so anyway, I went back out in 2-3 days as instructed by MM Bob, but I was too late. All that was left on the tree were pits. The birds had already eaten them clean! Ah, well... our cherries were delicious (a little tart, but I like that) straight out of the bowl.

As for what's yet to come...

Look at these beautiful blueberries! We have three bushes like this one, full of berries.

Wouldn't these have looked even more appetising if I had sprayed them with water and given them a lustrous sheen? Mmmm...

I can't wait to pick them and have blueberry preserves, blueberry ice cream, blueberry cobbler, a bowlful of blueberries while watching TV, blueberries stirred into my vanilla yogurt...

The thing is, I'm not sure when to pick them (I'm new at this, you know). You'd think it would be obvious from their color; I think I'll give them a try once they get deep purple, and when it appears the birds are showing an interest in them! I think that's what MM Bob would do. I'll ask him.

Then, next up will be our blackberries!

These were delicate white flowers just a few weeks ago; and this shot was taken last week. I'm excited.

Look at what just one week of sunshine does! We have tons of these scattered here and there. I just wish they didn't have thorns. It's gonna be tricky picking them without bloodshed!

Lastly, my sweet little tomato plant (one of eight). It's just about 14 inches tall, but it has a little tomato on it!

Ummm, all that green in the background... that's telltale evidence that my tomato bed desperately needs weeding!

The thing is... we like going to see the sights so much better than staying home to do the chores!

Okay, okay. Giving my tomatoe plants a little breathing room is on my list for Saturday. Promise.


Kristiina said...

ok mom. You're just going to have to. Real down and net those. Lueberry bushes. Since they aren't taller than you, it should be easier then netting a cherry tree! :-) Otherwise,they're for the birds! Blueberries are ready for eating when they come off with slight encouragement. Cup your hands together like you're about to be given something lovely. Place those cupped hands under a cluster that looks good enough to eat. And tickle them with your finger tips. They should just tumble right down into your waiting hands. :-D If they come off when using a little more force, they'll be a tad bit tart. Enjoy your berries! Some already look done to me but tickle them to see. Don't forget the bird net! You want more than a mouthful of these beauties!

My veggie bed is doing great too. I have one sad tom that might not make it. We been getting so much rain and. I sunshine. I thnk it's drowning and hasn't really been able to recover between downpoors. :-( Its a good thing I have 11 more! ;-) oh and my blackberries are starting to plump too. Not as far along as yours of course but berries everywhere. I even saw that the wild concord was done blooming. I can't wait to see those clusters! On a nonedible note, my peony are finally blooming. I love those flowers. This year a third shade popped up that I didn't see last year. I now have white too. Well, at least that's what the bud looks like it'll be. That's the one bush that hasn't fully bloomed yet. Must be a late season. I can't wait til I have enough for a vase inside. They make the whole house smell amazing! I sure hope they are still in bloom when Mom D and Mara get here. They'll love them!

Huge and Kisses!
Your baby girl

Pam O'Brien said...

Whoa! Thanks for all the tips, hun! I'm sure the blueberries aren't ready yet, but I'll try your trick every couple of days - and also look into a bird net. I've heard the bears can't resist them, either. Dad saw his first one the other day in the development... did he tell you?!
I like the way you put "cup your hands like you're about to receive something wonderful...!" :-D
I didn't know Diane and Mara were headed your way. Awesome! When do they arrive?
Love you!! XOXO

Kristiina said...

Whew! I just saw all my type-os. I think next time I'll wait post on the computer rather than my iPhone! haha Dan, Mara, Gary and Diane are coming up in less than 2 weeks. They are going to be here for 2 days before we head to Rhode Island for Jims wedding. We have a whirl wind of events planned to show Dan and Mara Vermont. We're going to bring them up to the job, show them Okemo mountain and the fire tower, possibly get lunch at my restaurant, and I'm hoping we have some time to pick a few strawberries at Edgewater farm. Strawberry season is almost here. I think the u-picks will only be open a week by the time they get here. :-D Dan is really looking forward to it. I can tell he misses his big brother.

Love you!

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