Thursday, June 18, 2009

Horseshoe Bend Park

in McCayesville, Georgia; it's another one of our recent discoveries.

It's a lovely park situated on the Toccoa River where people enjoy fly fishing.

It's also a popular drop-in for tubing, which we're going to do as soon as it gets warm enough. Since we're told the water never reaches more than 60 degrees (typically it's high 50's year-round), it has to be really hot outside or it would be unbearably chilly for our Florida-bred bodies! Maybe this will be the weekend to give it a go since we're forecasted to have temperatures in the mid 90's!!

This young man - 10 years old - has only been fly fishing for one week! His uncle taught him the weekend prior and he's already hooked! We visited with him and his dad for a while when they were done fishing. Dad says he can't get enough of it.

The park is also a beautiful place to gather with friends for a picnic barbeque. Our church (at least it looks like it will be our church) is going to have a picnic here on July 5th after the morning service. They'll provide meat, drinks and utensils... we just have to bring a dish to share. Community - that's what I'm talking about. Should be fun!

Joe and I sat on one these benches by the river for quite awhile just enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, and observing that little boy practicing his fly fishing.

It surprised us when this little family of ducks came up to our feet. The babies didn't care a bit that we were there - they just wanted to find yummy morsels. Mama, however, was a little leary.

It was a nice, relaxing place to be... one we'll visit often.

...Maybe even tonight for their weekly Pickin' in the Park concert. ;-)

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The Farmer's Wife said...

What a restful place! That little guy who was fly fishing makes me smile...

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