Sunday, January 3, 2010



The time has arrived. I'm about to become a grandma!

Here's my darling girl at the hospital... look at that low belly!

ko in hospital 2

I was hoping to be there in time, but our little guy decided to come a week early.

My son-in-law sent these from his phone. Thanks, Nic!

ko in hospital

He may have a January 3rd birthday, or he could have a January 4th birthday. Either way, rest assured there will be a post sometime tomorrow of a beautiful baby boy.

And soon thereafter (Wednesday) I'll have that precious pun'kin in my arms!


The Farmer's Wife said...

Oh, PAM!!!

That girl looks good, for being in labor....

What a thrill, what a thrill.

You all are held tight in my prayers and I can't wait to see pictures of that little one.
And now I'm all teary.

Love, love to you, little grandma!

Tove Skutnabb-Kangas said...

Hi, Pam, and welcome to the Big Club of Crazy Grandma's. Congratulations! Imagine, my grandfather (Akseli Skutnabb) whom I was just reading about in your March blog would now then have been a greatgreatgreatgrandfather...
Tove (Skutnabb-Kangas)

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