Friday, February 27, 2009

A Blackbird and My Dogs

This afternoon I was in my laundry room, merrily putting in a load of wash... when all of a sudden I heard a horrible raucous coming from the other room.

It was in the family room... it sounded like a fight was breaking out... a canine fight... two of my canines! I dashed out there to see what it was all about, and imagine my surprise when I discovered it was Zeila and BooBoo!

What the...? They don't fight. They're pals, best friends...

They love each other!

"Hey! What's going on here?!" I yelled. And then I saw it. Oh, groan! They were fighting over a dead blackbird. BooBoo had brought it inside and lovingly placed it on the landing in front of my garage door. He was warning Zeila to backoff! it's his prize (or present for Mama?).

"Oh! You two... everyone, outside! C'mon. Let's go. Aw geez. Ack. No! Don't touch. Get. Get. Get outside! Everyone... let's go!"

Ugh... I'm going to have to do this (Joe's not home). I go gather some paper towels. On my way by, I nudge it a little with my toe (shoes on, of course!) just to make sure it didn't flinch and was really DEAD-dead.

I have a thick wad of towels and gingerly lift it off the floor. "Oh - this must have just happened. It still has a floppy neck." {{BIG Groan}} It wasn't at all bloody, though; it was actually really pretty. The silky black feathers had bright hues of blue and purple. I comtemplated taking a picture of it, but thought that somehow the pretty colors would lose their appeal to you knowing the bird was dead. The temptation quickly passed.

I wonder how they did it... they must not have bit it since there was no blood... and which one of my precious furry pun'kins actually did the deed? Hmmm...

That was my excitement for today.

Dead blackbird gone ...and Zeila and BooBoo love each other again!

All's well.

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theArthurClan said...

Our outdoor cat leaves us "presents" all the time. Yuck! You are a braver woman than I am...I always make hubby do the clean up. :)

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