Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sara and Santa

A few weeks ago, Sara got to go on an adventure... a car ride to Grandma's house . She doesn't get out much - our backyard is her domain... her safe haven. So, a car ride to Grandma's house was a big deal.

There are two things that make our puppies shake and shiver. The first thing is their leash. We rarely use one (obviously, it's not needed in the backyard!!) and they don't care for it when it's necessary. The second thing is going out the front door. Seriously. Here's how they see it: back door = backyard; front door = scary unknown territory.

(By the way, our puppies will be two in June. I don't think I'll ever stop referring to them as "the puppies.")

Anyway, the leash went on and out the front door we went without too much drama. Although, she did quiver all the way there. Thankfully, the journey is under 3 miles.

When we got there, though, Woohoo!! a new back yard to explore....

Me: "Hi Sara. Whatcha doin?"

Me: "How about going to find a toy?"

Sara: "Okay! Found one!"

Sara: "Wanna see?"

Sara: "I'm coming... Look, it's Zoe's stuffed Santa."

Sara: "Watch this, Mom!"

Sara: "Gotcha!"

Sara: "Here I come!"

Sara: "Whoopeeee!"

This went on for a very, very long time........

Me: "Okay, Sara... time to go."


Sara: "What...? Why...? But... I can come back, right?"

Sara had a blast at Grandma's house! Next time we'll have to go when she's home... she and Zoe were traveling. We stopped by to water plants, take in the mail...

I think it pleased Sara a great deal to 1) have a new space to explore, 2) have a new (different) toy to play with, and especially 3) have us to herself for a couple of hours!

Stay tuned for Blaze's Big Day at Grandma's House!!

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Kristiina said...

Wow! That last picture makes me realize just how much she has her daddies face! Cute blog. Can't wait to see blazzer boy!

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