Thursday, February 26, 2009

North Carolina-Bound

So, it's been determined; we're definitely headed for North Carolina.

We tried desperately to make Vermont our destination. When we learned that Nic and Kristiina were expecting, we thought... "what are we doing moving to NC? If we're moving... let's move near them!" It made us open our eyes to how much we miss them and want to be close-by again.
We looked and looked for jobs in the Vermont/New Hampshire area. But, as of late, there are none to be had.

Remember this post... "Sightseeing in Newbury, VT?" I didn't spill the beans then, but we were actually house-hunting and could have rented this home and acreage very reasonably! We're initially intending to rent vs. own so we can get a lay of the land and determine where we want to establish roots.

Ahhh... But, it wasn't to be.

The fact that our precious little Gabrielle DiOrio* has already gone to heaven has absolutely nothing to do with our decision to go back to the NC plan. It's strictly for the sake of our income-to-debt ratio... we had to choose North Carolina... jobs there are in-line already! {{Oh, such a heavy sigh}}

We're continuing to keep our eyes and ears open for Vermont opportunities. Whether or not we have grandchildren there in 1 or 2 or 5 years... our kids are there now; and we want to be with them... even if they do have horrendous winters!!! (Kristiina and Nic have come to love snowboarding. I'm not sure that would be my hobby of choice... but we'll see??)

In the meantime, we're going to live here, on 10.8, mostly wooded, acres (though the requisite ample space for the dogs is available; and Joe is there now, fencing it for their benefit!)...

So... I'm going to live here, and I'm going to work here... after letting the dogs out to "do their business" in the morning, imagine me grabbing a cup of coffee in my kitchen and scrambling down these steps to my office...

There will be no traffic to endure!! (I'm looking forward to getting flowers in those flower-boxes!) While it doesn't have the historic prestige of the 1830's Old Colonial in Vermont... it appears to me to be a happy, roomy-enough, mountain-home. I'm looking forward to moving in. (And hooking up my internet so I can blog regularly!!)

I'll be managing the office for the development of this gated, mountain-community, Wilderness Creek Falls, across the street from us...

Yes, this is the view from our front door and master-suite balcony. I'll be hiking this property regularly... camera in-hand, so stay tuned!

- - - - - -
As for our Gabrielle*, Kristiina said they didn't want to keep referring to their first child as "it" or "the baby" so they have named "her." Kristiina felt certain through-out her pregnancy that it was a girl; and while Kristiina was able to see her precious little form completely (face, arms, legs, etc.) when she was passed from Kristiina's womb, it was not obvious to her whether it was a little boy or girl.

In keeping with her initial "feelings," they have named the baby Gabrielle, the female version of Gabriel, God's warrior angel. She said if she's wrong about the baby being a girl... well then, "Gabriel will be waiting for her in heaven."

Be still my heart, and

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow...

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Dot O said...

Heaven's newest angel will be guiding you along the way...

Your home is lovely and the scenery will make for some wonderful photo ops!

So glad you're back to your blog. Hopefully, the move will go smoothly and efficiently.

We are probably headed to the Outer Banks this summer. We haven't been down there in a couple of years so we are looking forward to our vacation down there. We love it!

Take care. Talk to you soon!

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