Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Grandpa's Day

...the day of his memorial service, that is.

It was really such a lovely day. I learned much about the "younger Mel" that I didn't know previously, and it makes him all the more dear to me.

My Aunt Sheri spoke about what it was like to grow up in the shelter of his wing. It was really precious.

After singing one of grandpa's favorite hymns, my cousin, Erin, and I, together with four of his great grandchildren, got up to share some of grandpa's favorite scriptures and remembrances. The younger ones just shared a verse, while Erin and I elaborated a bit on some of our fond memories. We later said to each other, "I didn't know that...!" referring to what we had shared during the service.

One of the men from the Life Group (a bible study) that grandpa guided for eighteen years, also shared some of his favorite memories. Finally, grandpa's nephew, Doug Miller, whom I referred to in this post, delivered the eulogy and message. He did such a great job... we were all riveted to his sharing of their personal history and the kind of man he knew grandpa to be ... as his uncle, and as a fellow beliver in Christ.

Following the service, the family and Life Group members went to my cousins', Alana and Rob's, house for "food and fellowship!" The Life Group members prepared all the food... and what a spread they put on! We had a really nice afternoon.

Here are some photos from the day...

The church vestibule , displaying a beautiful flower arrangement and photograph of grandpa I took at his 90th birthday celebration, two years prior.

A closer look of the flowers and photo.

The table at the pulpit with flowers from the family.

My grandma, aunt and mom greeting grandpa's two sisters. They are such lovely ladies. The one seated looks just like grandpa!

This is grandpa's nephew, Doug Miller, and his wife, Edie, with grandma.

Ladies from the Life Group... prepared all the yummy food!

Men from the Life Group. George Bruce is seated to the left... he's the one that spoke at the service.

Four generations of Brown men. This is Uncle Ron; my cousin, Erik; his son, Ryon; and the newest addition to our family, Ryon's son, Braydon. Braydon, born in December, is the little guy that made grandpa a great, great grandfather!

My cousins, Alana and Erika, with Erika's daughter, Kristen.

My cousin, Heather, Mom, and a friend of mom's from long ago (youth group!) in Syracuse.

Mom, my cousin, Erin, Uncle Bill, and Aunt Sheri

Aunt Sheri, Alana, Aunt Mega, Mom and Me outside Alana's house. The afternoon is winding down.

This was actually taken the week prior to the service, the day after grandpa passed. Some of the family went to the mosoleum to see where grandpa was to be laid to rest.

The name plaque has actually been present for years. They'll just update it with the year of death.

It's hard to fathom that grandpa isn't with us any longer, but it's also delightful knowing he's in the presence of his Lord, Jesus.


The Farmer's Wife said...

So bittersweet! I remember, at my Gramp's funeral thinking, "Gramps would've LOVED seeing all these people in one place!" All those dear to him, hugging, remembering, laughing and crying.

And your spiritual heritage...that he led the group for 18 years; how precious to have that.

What a beautiful chapel! And a good looking family. Of course!

theArthurClan said...

The whole event sounded like such a special, beautiful one. You can tell he was very well-loved!

Dot O said...

Sounds like a lovely day, Pam. If I can manage to leave this earth loved even half as much as your grandpa is, I will be a very lucky person.

Take care.

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