Saturday, March 7, 2009

A little of this..

... a little of that.

Mom and I just watched a real sweet movie: Dear Frankie. ...makes you sigh. The story line was good, but the musical score, composed by Alex Heffes, was great. Here's a sample:

(Don't forget to go pause the blog music. the right column.)

We had to go straight to to order the CD. Of course, you only get free shipping when you order more than $25.00. We needed to find one more... and decided on Chris Botti. Whoa, is he good!!

- - - - - -

Well, that's all good... but check out something I read recently... Oh, this is a sad story; and the reason my chickens won't be free-rangers.

Joe and I have decided we want to raise chickens. We looove eggs. All forms of eggs. And we're looking forward to having our very own "farm-fresh" eggs. But for their own good, our chickens will be constrained to the coop and their run. We'll make it large enough that they don't feel "cooped up." (Ha... no pun intended).

Nah, we can't have free-rangers, especially after reading Bumblebee's blog... not in those hills where bear have been said to roam freely through back yards, knocking down fences and wrecking all kinds of havoc. Oh geez... I can't even think of it. The employees at the feed store where much of our fence materials were purchased said, "Be careful... check the fence before you let 'dem dawgs oouut. The bears will just walk right through it if'n they want on your property." Mercy.

These chickens, however, fell prey to fowl, not bear. Mmmm.

Bumblebee chickens attacked…news of an injury and a loss

- - - - - -

Enough of that. I promised a blog post about Blaze's Big Day at Grandma's House. Well, sorry, but I'm not ready. I still have to tweak the pics.

Here's just one, though, to whet your palette.

His Big Day at Grandma's House... included Giggle Bear!

Do you see why I love him?

- - - - - -

Good night... sleep tight.

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The Farmer's Wife said...

You've expanded my musical horizons, by your blog! (Sometimes I read it just to hear the you know.)

And I love your dog picture! What a cutie.

I didn't have time to go to bumblebee's blog this morning, but will check it out this afternoon. I think you're smart not to free-range the chickens.

Happy Sunday! And I'm taking notes on Dear Frankie...

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