Friday, March 20, 2009

We've arrived!

The crew (Joe, Mom, the dogs and the cats) and I landed in NC Tuesday evening. This, of course, is my first opportunity to get on a computer. Ours are not hooked up yet, but I dashed down those stairs out front and am in my office. So convenient...

Whew! What a week it's been. I've been packing for practically 6 months, but when it came down to the very end... I didn't feel prepared. There's just so much last minute stuff to do! At 11:00 pm of the evening that we were supposed to go to bed early because we were leaving at 3:00 am, I began feeling very overwhelmed!!

Lost in a swirl of chaos, I neglected to charge my camera battery before we got on the road. Therefore, I have no pics to share. What a bummer. Mom took a bunch, though, so when she sends them to me, I'll share hers.

Joe drove the truck, of course, towing his car behind it; and Dexie road shotgun with him. Though Joe had him completely setup with three comfy dog beds for his travelling comfort, he barely slept the whole way! He was a good boy, though.

I drove our car towing a trailor with our John Deer on it, and had the three girls with me (Zeila, Emma and Sara). I've never seen those girls sleep so much! They were a dream to travel with! I kept catching the lawn mower in my peripheral vision, though, through the rear view mirror and never got over the feeling that some little green car was getting awfully close! It was a weird sensation.

Mom had the three boys, BooBoo, Riley and Blaze, with her. She said they were perfect... so well behaved. No trouble at all... except BooBoo's little (major, actually) diarrhea episode. Poor guy, we were just about to cross the Florida border when the castrophe occured. Nervous tummy? Car sickness? We're not sure, but it was explosive! Other than that, though, all was well.

We spent all day Wednesday unloading the truck, trying to somewhat organize furniture and getting the kitchen functional. We managed to do a little sightseeing with mom on Thursday since she intended to, and did in fact, leave this morning to spend a few days in Crystal River before heading back home.

After saying goodbye to mom, Joe and I took a little more time to explore the area this afternoon. We wished we had mom with us today, too; we saw such beautiful sights! We headed west on Hwy 64 toward Cleveland (and actually did get all the way to Cleveland, TN). The gorgeous part was driving along the Ocoee River through the Cherokee National Forest. Mmmm, so pretty!

Of course, I have pictures to share. But, I need my computer to upload them. This computer won't let me do it since my software isn't loaded. Darn.

I'll just have to hurry with getting my computer set up and share them later!

That's all for now. I need to catch up on my Names of God bible study (haven't looked at it all week!), since I'm late in getting this week's chapter posted.

Till then...


The Farmer's Wife said...

Oh, Miss Pam, I've missed you! Glad to hear you're in NC safe and sound. What an adventure, you've had!

Hope you have a great weekend...and that you can find all the stuff you need right away. (It always seems SO logical when you pack it in that box, but somehow, the blender and the t.v. remotes end up in crazy with the plant food and throw pillows.)

Linda Longood said...

Dearest Pam,
What a journey the Lord has taken you on. I am so glad to read you have arrived to your new home, and may God's loving protective hand be upon you and your husband as you venture into this new season and land. I'm so excited for you. Maybe someday I can come and visit and see your beautiful home and surroundings. Write when you have some time.
Thinking of you and keeping you in my heart and prayers,

Dot O said...

So glad you arrived safely Pam!!!! Sorry about the diarrhea episode - that stinks, literally. Can't wait to see pics of your new home!!!!!!

Looking forward to being in touch again. Thanks for stopping by and seeing the pups. I figure one little girl will choose us!!

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