Thursday, April 2, 2009

No Blog Time!

I know, I know... I've been MIA lately. We're busy, busy, busy getting settled and acclimated to the area, so I haven't had time to blog. The most I've been able to do is write little micro updates on Facebook.

For those of you who aren't on Facebook, I've copied and pasted those little tidbits of information and the ensuing banter so you can stay apprised of what's up with us!

Here you go...

March 17 at 12:38 pm (the day were travelling) - Wrote ~
Pam Rieth O'Brien says we were just about to leave Florida when Boo-boo had EXPLOSIVE diarrhea. Oh mercy - thankfully cleaning supplies were handy!

Brenda Moody at 2:26pm March 17
Awww poor boo boo had a big
boo boo!!

Beth Long Plitnikas at 4:06pm March 17
Ew, yucko but gosh,
poor doggy - I guess the stress is getting to everyone! :-(Please have a safe
trip Pammy ♥ ♥ ♥

Karin Kissinger Colley at 5:18pm March 17
Hi Pam! Your
poor baby. I hope your Boo Boo gets to feeling better. Our pets enjoy routine,
and change makes them get all out of wack. I hope you have a safe journey :)

Laura Stanton Macias at 6:51pm March 17
i thought you were
gone already! ?

Ryan Gosselin at 8:27pm March 17
oh my!

March 20 at 10:08 pm - Wrote ~
Pam Rieth O'Brien and crew arrived safely in NC Tues evening. What a busy week it's been! Loving it, though... happy to be here!!

Maria Fiore at 12:43am March 21
Glad you all made it there safe and sound. I heard about the adventure Cris had in her
vehicle with the car sick pup. Wish we had spent more time together before you
went so far away.

Ryan Gosselin at 1:03am March 21
Come back now.....You
had your fun...You are needed here.

Beth Long Plitnikas at 10:34am March 21
Glad to hear all went
relatively well - was the sick dog vs. car a big mess for your mom?? I guess
your mom leaves what, Monday? Tuesday? Good luck there, hope you & Joe like
working/living there!!!We'll miss you @ family visits Pammy. :-(Love ya ♥

Brenda Moody at 8:46pm March 21
YAY!!! So glad you had a
safe trip!

March 24 at 9:22 am - Wrote ~
Pam Rieth O'Brien hasn't seen her cats since Wednesday. Food is getting eaten and litter box is used (in garage), so that's a good sign. Hopefully, they're just exploring...
(status quo as of today)

Kandice Purpura at 12:21pm March 25
I'm glad you made it ok. Keep the pictures and blogs coming!Love

March 25 at 3:42 pm - Wrote ~
Pam Rieth O'Brien just discovered her sweet, furry punkins can be vicious guard dogs. They DID NOT like the cable guy entering their home unattended... Good to know; she's glad.

Laura Stanton Macias at 8:14pm March 25
OH BOY! Did you have to pick cable guy out of punkin teeth?

Brenda Moody at 9:48pm March 25
Too funny....(mental
picture ) :-)

Pam Rieth O'Brien at 10:40am March 27
:-D Ha! - no... Joe got there in time. Knucklehead knew we had dogs and where they were. He walked straight in their room - stupid man. He respected those dogs for the rest of the

March 27 at 10:35 am - Wrote ~
Pam Rieth O'Brien says a wild turkey...big gobbler... just got hit out front. Joe goes out to rescue it -or relieve it- when a truck pulls up, "You want him? [No.] Then throw him in back!" Seriously?

Brenda Moody at 11:07am March 27
Well yeah.....never heard
of Easter Turkey Dinner??

Beth Long Plitnikas at 11:59am March 27

Christina Rieth at 1:18pm March 27
Yep, we're talking
authentic "country folk" now!!

Beth Long Plitnikas at 1:21pm March 27
Dang, you'd better make
sure what you're eating when being served meals around there! hahaThat was
of Joe to try to help the turkey. Turned into a real eye-opener for
both of you
though, didn't it?!

Darren Brown at 1:52pm March 27
Yum yum good eatin!!!!!yee

Pam Rieth O'Brien at 3:32pm March 27
You're not kidding, Beth!
Eye-opener, indeed. :-) Mmmmm, road-kill. Actually, when Joe got to the
bird, he
wasn't dead yet...and what the guy really said was, "Well, wring
his neck and
throw him in back." Joe put him in the bed of the truck and
replied, "You wring
his neck!" He came back in saying..." I'm not cut out
for this!" Ah, mountain life! :-D We later asked another
long-time "mountain man" that
we have befriended if he would have eaten him.
He said, "No way, never eat
nuthin that's been hit. Meat that's been hit is
not good! "Well, that was
somewhat of a relief!

Beth Long Plitnikas at 3:37pm March 27
OMG, they actually have
a eat, not eat rule about "meat" that's been hit. Wow, another world

Pam Rieth O'Brien at 3:38pm March 27
I know!!!!

March 30 at 2:23 pm - Wrote ~
Pam Rieth O'Brien ~ after 5 days of rain, the sun is shining...Thank goodness! No, we're not in the Sunshine State anymore! (Oooo, but you should see everything budding...It's Spring!)

Beth Long Plitnikas at 2:33pm March 30
Saw the daffodils
from your mom's pix, sooooo pretty! You're LUCKY to get a real Spring!!

Pam Rieth O'Brien at 2:39pm March 30
I know... when we arrived
we were greeted with blooming daffodils and two bright forsythia bushes in full
swing! Next to those we have a tall cherry tree full of bright buds... can't
wait for those! Also out front are two huge rhododendren (sp?) bushes...and
there are tulips popping up everywhere!! The lady that lived here had a real
green thumb and we're reaping the benefits!

Beth Long Plitnikas at 2:43pm March 30
Wow, I'd LOVE to live
in a REAL place where things other than frickin palm trees grow!!Enjoy, enjoy,
enjoy & please share via pictures for those less fortunate! :-) (oh
actually, my crepe myrtle tree is starting to get leaves again so I do get some
of what you see everywhere). I'm so jealous. Can you tell? :-D

Darren Brown at 4:12pm March 30
Looks like you guys are
enjoying your new place......congrtas!!!! Joe should see if there's some trout
or bass in that there river!!!!!!

April 1 at 10:52 am - Wrote ~
Pam Rieth O'Brien ~ Last night the guys tilled a 12' x 40' garden spot for me, so I can, as Glen says, "grow some groceries." Now, I have to figure out what to do with it! Researching NC veggie gardening!


Kristiina O'Brien DiOrio at 11:12am April 1
Oooh oooh toms, green beans, cucs, potatoes and herbs! Oh and some peppers
so you can make salsa. Hahahaha

Brenda Moody at 12:03pm April 1
Well......I KNOW you can
dig!! Remember our exciting day in Savannah?.......... Can you say poison ivy??

Pam Rieth O'Brien at 12:30pm April 1
Oh geez, Brenda!! I remember. LOL :-D

Beth Long Plitnikas at 2:08pm April 1
Suggestions: Rhubarb so
you can make pies with strawberries! All kinds of peppers, scallions, string
beans, zuchinni, other squash... Now I'm more jealouser than before!

So, that's that. Now you're updated. I'm taking lots of pictures, but having trouble with my camera software/home computer... so, until I can get that resolved, picture uploads will be few and far between.

Here's just a few:

The park area in Wilderness Creek Falls, the 500-acre mountain property across from us.

Another waterfall on the same mountain.

Sunset view from one of the homesites on the property.

A beautiful afternoon for a stroll!


The Farmer's Wife said...

So good to hear that you are snuggling down in your new nest! I love the pictures, and am looking forward to seeing more as the days progress.

What an exciting week! The turkey incident made me laugh...

And you're right, you're not in Florida anymore, but I've read really good things about N. Carolina.
Happy Thursday!

Dot O said...

Pam, love the pics! I haven't been on FB to see any of your postings. Haven't been on Twitter either as I think I just went on plain system overload with technology.

I think I'm sticking with blogging and I will patiently await your return to our blogging world.

Glad the move went okay. Sorry to hear about the explosive diarrhea....

Two weeks from tomorrow, hubby and I go to pick our our puppy - we will have three females to choose from....

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