Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Would, If I Could

Bring home every stray, or seemingly stray, dog I see. I'd have an endless number of dogs... if it were feasible. (Of course, it's not. We're maxed.)

My dad called it a bleeding heart; my dog condition, that is. That's okay... he was right.

I can't help it. I love 'em. And if I see one that needs love (which may sometimes come in the form of protection) I want to give them my love. I want to hug, and kiss, and nuzzle, and scratch, and coo, and bring them home to just pamper them silly!

So far, the only bug-a-boo I have about this region of the country is the people's carelessness with their dogs. They just don't go the extra measure to protect them. There are no leash laws, and therefore, you're constantly seeing dogs roaming anywhere and everywhere.

Just the other day I was driving down a four-lane highway and saw a big, beautiful dog in the median. I slowed... and cringed when I got past him and saw in my rearview mirror that he began to cross the highway and a car had to brake in order not to hit him.

I began to seethe, when not 20 yards more, I saw a dog in the median that had been hit. He didn't make it. Argh! Makes me boil.

It's so typical to see dogs wandering along the side of the road. C'mon. Be responsible pet owners, people!

My rompin', stompin', silly, scampering, seven are safe within their fenced yard. They have boundaries for their own good. Boundaries really are a good thing!
(That brown hill in the background is now every shade of green you can imagine! How I love Spring.)


And when they feel afraid, revealing their sweet and sensitive side, we've been known to let them climb in bed with us! Yes, there have even been times when all seven have inhabited the bed at once... of course, either Joe or I... or both of us, had to get up because there was no room! Then, of course, they follow us; so we run back to the bed eager to claim our spots and gleeful to have leg room... and they follow us. It's a vicious cycle.
(Ever see that old commercial where the guy is sleeping on the floor, then the camera pans up to reveal the dogs sleeping in the bed... I can relate!)

This was my darling punkins' first night in North Carolina. We threw mattresses down on the floor to crash and sleep hard after that long drive. The furry ones were having no part of sleeping downstairs by themselves... they began to cry (and who can blame them... all alone in a new place), so up they came!

I'm just saying... if you're gonna get a dog or two, know up front what you're in for and be willing to step up to the responsibility. You don't have to let them sleep with you... but show them you love them, and at the very least keep them safe!

{{Jumping off my soap box now.}}

(By the way...don't ya just love the '70s paneling? The prior owners did seem to love it! Us... not so much; it'll be receiving a makeover in the near future!)


The Farmer's Wife said...

Oh, yeah. We are kindred spirits.
If we had not had two children, we would've had 7 dogs. As it is, we have two very cherished dogs, 5 cats (because we didn't get THEM spayed) and two rug-rats.

We can NOT go to the shelter, EVER. We can NOT watch the Adopt-a-pet on the evening news, EVER.

And I'll second the motion on boundaries for pets, and protecting them. They aren't disposable!

Your babies are wonderful! My two dogs sleep on our bed, too, and even though we know it's not cool, it's our home and our pets.

Love to hear the latest, from you! I've been wondering how things are going in your new digs.

Dot O said...

I feel the same way as you, Pam, about taking full responsibility for our pets. I had to stop watching the Animal Cop show on Animal Planet.

Your dogs are beautiful!!! Tomorrow, we pick our our new one and then next week we will bring her home!!

I hope things are settling in nicely for you and your hubby and your many furbabies.

theArthurClan said...

Your babies are so pretty's awesome that you care for them and love them so much!

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