Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Seven

You're thinking, "What do you mean, another seven... another seven?" You're probably a bit concerned about what might be transpiring in the O'Brien household... "Didn't she just say the other day that they were maxed?!"

Fear not. I'm talking about someone else's seven... and their story is ridiculously similar to ours!

They started with a beautiful white shepherd mix (who eluded my camera),

when along came Maggie.

Her beau, whose name I don't know, came too. They're big, beautiful, very fluffy, Great Pyrenees.

I don't know the circumstances of that adoption,

but it wasn't long before four precious pups were added to their number! Is this sounding familiar, or what?! Their four, however, look related...

...unlike ours! People still have a hard time believing they're from the same litter!

Maggie and her family live on a goat farm with their humans.

This is Savannah, one of the veteran adults on the farm.

And the mama to one of these littles ones.

Joe and I had been out exploring. We love to take long drives on the back country roads. This was the first weekend we were in town, hence the brown environment - hadn't had enough rain at that point!

We stumbled upon the seven beauties barking their warning at us and expressing their discontent, that we're nearing their home.

Of course, if you know us at all, you know that it wasn't long before we were out of the car, petting the dogs, chatting with the goat farmers and getting a tour of the farm! We spent about two hours with them and by the time we were headed home, we had exchanged phone numbers and promises to get together for dinner sometime!

"...Goodbye, city life!" ;-)

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The Farmer's Wife said...

Oh, I love it!
Yes, welcome to the country life...

Those dogs are just beautiful. And the goats make me laugh! So much personality!

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