Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This day seems to be one for remembering...

...remembering anniversaries. Joe and I had a second wedding ceremony many years ago on this day; a sweet and simple little ceremony on Sanibel Island at sunset. Also, a former co-worker is celebrating her 2nd wedding anniversary. She posted that she loves him even more today than she did then. That's a treasure.

...it's also for remembering losses. A blog friend lost her newborn one year ago today. She said they remember it more as the day she lived (2.5 hours) rather than the day she died. Angie has a beautiful way of putting her feelings into words. Her blog has become a soothing balm to women suffering similar losses and pain.

Foremost for me today, though, and all of the O'Brien family, is a day for remembering Grandma O'Brien; Joe's grandmother. We learned earlier today that grandma, at 106 years old, passed away early this morning. Until just recent years, grandma was a vital, independent woman, full of vim and vigor.

A particular story that always stands out to me is when she, in her 80's, had a big story written about her in the paper. She was walking home from the grocery store in Bayonne, NJ (she walked everywhere, never having had a driver's license), when she fell in an open manhole in the street. She either broke, or nearly broke, her hip. Now, it was over 20 years ago and I might not have the facts exactly right, but that's the gist. It was pretty spectacular coverage, complete with a picture... but all she could think about is that they printed her age in the newspaper for all to see! I would think at 80 something, who cares?! Well, she certainly did! :-) Gives me a chuckle.

Joe, scheduled to be in Florida this week anyway, is with his parents. I'm glad for that.

Grandma (Eileen) O'Brien - at 103
11-01-1902 - 04-07-2009


The Farmer's Wife said...

My goodness! What a beautiful woman, and I have to laugh at her concern over the newspaper printing her age...gosh, I hope when I'm in my 80's that I'm out and about, and able to fall into manholes on my own power!

Happy Kind-Of Anniversary! That's a great thing to celebrate, and even though your heart is sad about some memories, it's good you have some sweet memories, too.

I've been thinking of you, so much, in your new little life and new adventures. When I read your blog, I send out a little prayer for you! (And really appreciated the post on crazy weather...we have that, here, too! Much futher north, though.)

Tootie said...

What a cute story about Grandma. She was certainly a beautiful woman and to live 106 years, she must have had a wealth of information stored away to share with everyone. I hope I will have her spunk when I'm 80. :-)

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