Monday, April 6, 2009

It's snowing!!!

Seriously... and I thought Florida had weird weather patterns!

Yesterday and the day before, Joe and I enjoyed blue skies, sunshine, the sight of butterflies fluttering from one wildflower to the next, a long drive through winding country roads, the delightful realization (for me) that among the other vast flowering trees and shrubs in our new yard - we also have a lilac tree, amazing short-sleeve-weather-with-a-light-jacket temperatures (70 degrees), and an outside BBQ with friends, complete with 4-wheeling and skeet-shooting fun. We were relishing the onset of Spring!!

Today, snow flurries. What the...? I'm completely mesmerized and totally digging it; but still. Snow in April... in SW North Carolina? How bizarre! It's supposed to snow again tomorrow, and then back to sun and mid-60's on Wednesday. Okay!! We'll roll with it. (No veggie planting has taken place yet, thank goodness.)

- - - - - - - - -

Regarding the case of the missing cats. I have not only seen, I have held and petted, Tahra! She's well. Still skiddish and unwilling to leave the garage; but she is well. I'm thankful. Now, if I could just get some news on, or a glimpse of, Kissa... The thing is, she's the adventurer; she went exploring, I'm sure. I hope the old adage, "curiosity killed the cat" has not come to fruition here! I'm choosing to imagine she found a friendly porch with kibbles and warm milk. That's what I'm sticking to - we don't always have to face the probable reality, do we?! (BTW, since Tahra is not willing to leave the garage, I have provided her a warm, comfy "nest" to ward off the sub-freezing temps we're expecting tonight and tomorrow.)

- - - - - - - - -

Happy Birthday to my precious Mom! Today is her day! She is spending it with "her" middle school girls (the girls she has taught Sunday School to for the past several years). Since it's their week for spring break, they're spending it at the beautiful Methodist camp in Alva, FL, with a bunch of other church youth groups for a mini retreat (just 3 days). Should be fun! I always love chaperoning youth events; especially the sleepover, camp-like adventures. Makes you feel like a kid again! She loves those girls... so, I know she's having a fun birthday. I'm glad.

- - - - - - - - -

I'm devising a plan to trick my computer and be able to get photos posted here! Stay tuned for that!

But now, I'm off to let the dogs out. I'm eager to see how they react to their first snow experience!! It's not sticking yet, but as the temps drop, there will be a couple of inches on the ground by late evening. The "last potty break before bed" ought to be the best one. Hopefully, I'll get some fun pics of that adventure.



Dot O said...

Pam!!! It's really you!!!! Thanks for stopping by my friend!

Sorry to hear about the snow down in NC - we just got lots of rain and some hail up north!

Don't plant your veggies until May 15!

Oh, we pick out our puppy on 4/18! I cannot wait.

Rick said...

Your dogs are never going to forgive you. Especially after their first attempt at the "potty break." They'll freeze their you-know-what off.

theArthurClan said...

We are having snow here too Pam...I am not liking it one bit!

So happy to have you back in the wonderful world of blogging!! :)

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