Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sounds Like A Blog Post

... since it's full of true confessions; such as dogs eating off dishes, talking to myself and using southern slang!

This past Monday I, and a few select others, received an email from my mom with a newsy update about how she spent her Sunday.

I responded with this...

"Sounds like a fun Sunday! I can't believe Zoe [her dog] and what she's willing to eat. You know how I always let Dexter lick my plate clean (sorry to those that think it's gross... I promise I wash it real good after - he's my pre-rinse!)... well, I've decided he's definitely a "meat and potatoes man." I've known that he won't eat anything out of the garden if it's raw, and he's fussy about it if it's cooked. I have just learned that he doesn't like avocado, either. Saturday, I diced one up and ate it plain with salt and pepper... my favorite way to eat avocado! Dex totally snubbed his nose at the tiny remnants on my plate! Even though it's produce, I figured he would have gone for it because of the softer texture. Nope!

Anyway, my Sunday was nice, too... church in the morning, then home for lunch. I had some green peppers and broccoli I wanted to use up so decided to throw them in a pan with olive oil, added some garlic, added a can of diced tomatoes and a can of tomato sauce (not spaghetti sauce), threw in some oregano and powdered onion... lots of fresh basil. Tossed in some cooked whole wheat rotini, sprinkled it with parm cheese. Mmmm, mmm. It was kinda like a vegetarian goulash, and I liked it! I told myself, "You did good!" (Since Joe's not home, I talk to myself when I'm not talking to the dogs! Me and the dogs... we're good company.)

Then I dusted and vacuumed the house. In the evening I went back to church for a concert. The Joy -something- Quartet (men). They were good. I kept thinking of dad, remembering how he used to appreciate good harmonizing. I think he would have liked it; I'm not sure how he felt about southern gospel, but I know he would have liked the singing. They were a little too southern gospel for me... Gaither-ish, and I've never really cared for the Gaithers. I still enjoyed it though... you know, when in Rome... and it sure beat laying on the couch watching TV."

Then a few minutes later, I had a follow-up:

"Mountain Man Bob was just here... He brought me a gourd with a neck on it 3 feet long! He thought I'd get a kick out of it.

Here's the thing, though... I was chatting with him and used "I'm fixing to..." in a sentence!

Yes, I did! I can't believe I did that. It must have been last night's toe-tapping, hand-clapping, shoulder-to-shoulder southern-ness rubbing off on me...

Oh my goodness."

And following is my comeback when she said I'm turning into a true "suthun" gal:

"Yeah... well, I'm comforted by the fact that I still use the term "you guys" (very Syracuse) when addressing more than one individual... even if it's a group full of women.

If I start saying "y'all," "all y'all" or "yuns...(youins)" I'm in trouble!!"

And I'll never say "I growed up..." Goodness, that's so common here. No one grew up; they all growed up!
- - - - - - - - - -

Besides that, check out these two pics I took on Saturday...

Does this look like October, or what?!

Is anyone else experiencing this kind of leaf changing yet? They say it's not even happening like this in Vermont yet! I don't get it! Candy doesn't understand why it's so early, either.



The Farmer's Wife said...

I ADORE true confessions! And southern women. In fact, I often wish I WAS a southern woman, because so much of that appeals to me....have you watched Steel Magnolias, lately? That'll erase any ideas that you might be getting too suthun!

I can't tell you how overjoyed I was, to find another person who "pre-rinses" her dishes the way I do! I'm sure my little habit is part of the reason my MIL won't eat here, unless she inspects the Chinette, first. Some people are SO persnickety!

(Did you get to keep the gourd?)
(Do you happen to have a photo of Mountain Man Bob?)

Brenda said...

Thank you Pam for another great laugh...I cannot EVEN picture you saying "I'm fixin' to..." I get SUCH a kick out of your wonderful blogs!
My friend at work, Amanda....her little boy says "Fickin' to" AIN'T that just a kick in the pants?? LOL!!

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