Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Emma Girl

The other day... last week, I decided I wanted to take a walk after dinner. I thought it would be a good idea to head up to the spec house and check on the progress. I was curious to see how far the framers had gotten.

I also thought it would be a good idea to take one of the dogs with me. I didn't care which one, so I decided the first one to respond to, "Who wants to go for a walk?" would be the one that got to go.

Turns out it was Emma. Not surprising.

The next time I get a good idea... remind me to think again.

Oh, it was beautiful. A lovely evening for a walk.

It was also 10.4 miles, one way, mostly up hill! Okay, it's not that far, but it felt like it. Whew!

As we approached the house (though, actually it was still out of sight...)

( we only made it as far as the fire pit),

we both discovered that the guys hadn't left yet; we could hear their air guns echoing off the mountains.

At first Emma was curious.

She slowed her pace... then she stopped. She stood tall and her ears perked up.

Then in a flash she turned and lunged toward me. She stood on her hind legs, with her front paws digging into my shoulders (she's that tall when she stands on her hind legs) and attempted to climb me with her back legs, as if to say, "Pick me up! Pick me up, mama, I'm scared!!"

Poor girl (I had to laugh, though, she was so funny!). I settled her down and we abruptly turned and headed in the opposite direction.

When we were far enough away from the scary noise, I had her rest for a bit.

She was tired and panting, and probably wishing I had brought some water.

"I'm still a little nervous, mom."

"Can we go home now?"
Well, that was fun. I wonder if she'll be as eager to go next time?! (Of course she will.)


KristiinaSheree said...

Cute!!! I miss that big girl! Looks like a beautiful
day for a walk. Have you snapped anymore
pictures of the spec house. Nic would still love to see them. MWAH!!!

Cris said...

Okay, my's now 13 days since your last blog!! How much longer must I wait until we all can enjoy your next excursion or observation or recipe, etc??

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