Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sweet Baby

She's my homeless friend. She resides, so to speak, at one of the local beer joints and is there every day, rain or shine.

I pass by every Sunday on my way to church and have taken to stopping and giving her some lovin'. She likes it! She nuzzles my legs with her head and talks to me if I stop!

She has the potential to be a beauty, but is in desperate need of a makeover... or just a bath would do wonders!

She looks like a golden to me... you think?

Would you look at that face? When I pet her, I can only touch the white fur on her face because she is smelly! Oh, but she loves it so much!

If only I had room for one more. Then again, what's one more when you already have seven?! But then I'd see another one and say what's one more when you already have eight... and on it would go.

She seems content, actually, living at the beer store. By the looks of her, she gets plenty to eat. The merchants and patrons must be feeding her... if it weren't satisfying her needs, she wouldn't stay there, right?


"Wait. Where you goin'? You'll be back next Sunday, right?"

"Yes, Sweet Baby. I'll be back next Sunday ...and I'll bring treats."


KristiinaSheree said...

She is sweet. Filthy but looks like a total lover. :-D I remember you pointing her out when we were on our way to church. I'm glad she's well taken care of.

The Farmer's Wife said...

Oh, what a face! I completely understand the compulsion to take every dog who needs love, home to live with you for ever and ever. And some cats, too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all your
stories they are food for the soul.
I love your blog everything about it brings a joy to me.

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