Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sunday I went on an outing with a photography club out of Blue Ridge, GA. It was a fun day and we saw some beautiful sights!

I took two of the shots (not necessarily the best ones... just random) and played around with textures in Photoshop.

Here's the original photo of the road leading to Bald River Falls (I kept them really big so you can see the textures):
IMG_2755 original

And here it is with the pencil texture added to it:
IMG_2755 colored pencil Texture

This one has the watercolor feature:
IMG_2755 Watercolor Texture

And this one is sponge:
IMG_2755 Sponge Texture

Do you have a favorite?

This is the original photo of Tellico River (near the falls):
IMG_2771 original

And here it is with the watercolor feature added:
Tellico River, North Carolina - Watercolor

For this shot, watercolor is the only one I played with.

What do you think... do we like textures?


Birdie said...

I love the textures! The last one with the river totally needs to be framed! I like the original of that cause you can see all the colors better. The watercolor did look like a painting. So cool. So we missed the AWESOME colors by a week huh. Oh well, I had a great time and loved all the areas we got to see.

Mom said...

Beautiful, Pammie!! I must admit, although I DO like the photos done with watercolor enhancements, I still choose the originals! They are so clear and as though standing on that path and dipping my hands in that water! Keep those wonderful photos coming.

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