Saturday, January 9, 2010

Grandma's Little Superstar

I don't even know where to start. The heart is an amazing thing with it's ability to never run out of room for love. It has surely expanded for this little man.

Kingston 1-6-10
Is it any wonder. Look at how precious he is.

Kingston hands
Here's those hands I love. Look how masculine they are... and big for his size. He has really long fingers with long, narrow nail beds. Very, very handsome.

kingston 1-7-10
Oh, my little cherub. He is so good. He has taken very well to nursing, sleeps like a champ, and is super easy to soothe. "Just let me rest against your warm chest and feel your heartbeat, and I'm happy!"

Me and Kingston 2
This is one happy grandma!


Dot O said...

Oh Pam, you certainly must be in heaven with that little one. He is beautiful! What a gift from God!

Congratulations and I am thrilled and relieved he and your daughter are doing well.

cathy said...

Being a grandma is the greatest position a woman could hold.Being able to love and cherish the little one.And being there to help your baby learn how to take care of her baby.And as her baby grows you will be getting a lot of appologies as she learns what you tried to tell her is right.There will be a lot of crying,loving and praising the Lord.I'm glad that your daughter is ok.I bet she now knows how wonderful being a mother can be.My heart is overjoyed with hapiness for you all.

Cris said...

And now Dearest Pammy, you have seen and felt an inkling of the joy your daughter, Kristiina brought to your Mom and Dad from the day she came into this world! She continues to delight my heart to this very day! I'm thrilled that you are now able to experience the same joy.

Anonymous said...
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