Thursday, May 14, 2009

Meet Mr. Douglas

Yes, this is Mr. Douglas. But he's not the one I'm talking about.


I have my own version of a city-dweller gone country ... my Mr. Douglas.

He's from New Jersey... right on the outskirts of NYC. He thought he was going rural when he moved to Cape Coral, FL. And, truthfully, when he arrived there nearly thirty years ago, it was pretty rural.

Now, it's filled with congested streets, too many traffic lights, and crowded neighborhoods...
at least, to suit what our taste has become.


So, off to the mountains we go where there's a bit more land to stretch out on.

Oh me, oh my, oh... a bit more land to take care of! The prior owners were getting up in years and hadn't done much in the way of yard work for several seasons.


Have we got out work cut out for us...


clearing, trimming, removing...


...the chores! {{sung Green Acres style}}

Then again, with the chores come those big "toys" to get the job done.


This makes my Mr. Douglas happy.


theArthurClan said...

Your new spot just look like a slice of heaven right here on earth Pam! Gorgeous photos. :)

alana said...

Love this one of Joe. He looks so content and in his element. Even though I miss you. (I know we've seen each other as usual so far, it's the idea of you being so far away) I'm so happy that you found your niche and are enjoying life so much. You can see in your faces how much you love it there. Hard work is a good thing and God gives those sweet blessings that you enjoy taking pictures of.

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