Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spring, It's So Peculiar

I love the constant change in the landscape, the beautiful color and fragrance of the flowers. But, I'm disappointed that the rotation of blooming shrubs and trees is so quick. I wish they'd hang around and let me enjoy them a while!

For example, last weekend my mom, aunt and cousin (xoxoxo) were here, and one day when we were driving down my driveway, my cousin and I noticed some pretty weeping purple flowers at the edge of the woods. Neither of us were sure what they were, but they were so pretty!

Just this morning I discovered that they're wisteria! Oh, cool. To me there's just something etheral and dreamy about wisteria. I went to take a picture of them to show Alana again when I tell her about it (hi Alana!), and they're already starting to fade. Geesh!

Hence, this wisteria picture is not mine, but one I found on the internet.

That seems to be that way with all of them. Here a week and then they're gone. Take the rhododendron... I have been watching those buds grow for two months and was so excited when the first couple started to open.... I was anticipating enjoying them for as long as I waited for them. but alas, that was not to be. They bloomed for barely more than a week and started to turn brown and fall. Hmpf.

Actually, here we are in front of those poor, spent rhodies...

Here's what has come and gone in the nine short weeks that we've been here...

bradford pear
crab apple blossoms
tulips (not in my yard, though. next year)
red bud
cherry blossoms
lily of the valley

Right now the creeping roses are in bloom. Whoa! Have I got creeping roses! There are a few in my yard, but I just discovered when I went to take the wisteria pictures, that I have them all along the edge of the woods lining the driveway and climbing up the hill... that's about the length of a football field! There are tons of them!

Again, not my image. Hopefully soon I'll capture some worth sharing.

So, even though the various beauties are brief, the satisfying part of it is all the new discoveries. And, I'm thankful that they come in stages so there's always something in bloom.

I wonder what I'll find in bloom next week!!

By the way... Mountain-Man Bob stopped by yesterday. He came to check on my cherries for me. He said they should be ready to pick in about 2 days... if I want to, he said I can get the darkest ones today and probably have enough for a pie! I may be cherry-picking this afternoon!

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Anonymous said...

Wisteria huh? I love wisteria! It's so cool how you have a picture of something from one season and the same from another. It's interesting seeing the difference.

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