Friday, May 15, 2009

We Did It Again!

We were out meandering... just seeing what we see, when we came upon a sign for a yard sale. Sometimes we like to pop in to those just to see what's being offered. Most of the time it's a lot of junk... but other times there are great finds.

So, as we pull up to the house we see that they're just wrapping it up. But, as always, we strike up a conversation.

In no time, we were invited up on the porch and provided something cold to drink.

We sat and chatted for two hours with the homeowners, Pepi and Lynn (this is Pepi)!

Okay, since this happened before at the goat farm, you're probably thinking we're buttinskies who don't know when to leave, but I promise that's not the case. "We really should go," we said. "No, no," they say, "Stay, have another drink."

Nice view from the porch, huh? This, by the way, is a sheep farm. {{grin}}

And there they are out in the pasture. "You want to see them up close?" Lynn asks. "Sure!"

They've spotted us.

"Mama, what are you doing bringing those strangers out here?!"

Lynn rattles their food container so they'll come in the barn.

"We can't, Mama, those people are there!"

"Okay, maybe if we run past them really quickly!"

Back outside, and they're wondering, "What are you still doing here?"

"Mama, what are they still doing here?!"

"You go home now." (I love the face on the white one.)

Okay, okay, we can take a hint. Let's go see Pablo. He's The Boss around here.

No, he's not a polar bear. He's a Great Pyrenees. Goat/sheep farmers do seem to love that breed. They are evidently great protectors of the herd.

And this is Snickers, Pablo's next door neighbor (she's not in the pasture because she's due to deliver a little one any day).

Meanwhile, with our having left the pasture, the sheep are able to relax.

And we're finally on our way home after a very lovely, unexpected visit with what have become new friends, Pepi and Lynn. We left with two jars of Lynn's homemade jam and one butternut squash that they harvested from their garden last season.

Two days after our visit, they popped in to let us know that Snickers had delivered her baby the night before... "Would you like to come take a look?" Absolutely!

Snickers with her little girl (unnamed at that point), less than 24 hours old. Snickers is shedding her winter coat. Pepi and Lynn say this type of sheep shed rather than needing to be sheared.

Aw, mama and her baby.

Snickers is coaxing her to nurse.

And, of course, before we wandered over to the porch for another long chat, we got to hold her!
Joe liked that a lot...

So did I!

Surprisingly, Snickers didn't seem to mind; though we wore gloves so she wouldn't be put off by our scent.


Altered Glass said...

I have just stumbled onto your blog. As I was reading Cohagen Chronicles (love her blog as I am a farm wife also) and viewing the comments your name actually caught my attention. My sister is also Pam O'Brien (Covert) and my mom actually lives in Port Charlotte, FL. Loved your blog page and especially the farm entries. Nice to meet you...

Cris said...

You and Joe look so great. The country life style is obviously agreeing with you. Love your unusual stories and events!

alana said...

Ahhh, love the sheep pics, especially of Mama and baby. You two are totally in your element. I bet you can't wait for weekends to do more exploring and photography.

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