Monday, March 24, 2008

Almost forgot

I've been preoccupied lately with dad's health. Plus, for months now we've been counting down to May 1st. Mom is retiring (woohoo!!) - her last day is April 30th. And (I'm trying to be brave) Kristiina and Nic leave May 1st for Vermont. Not a vacation... a move; a semi-permanent transplant (at least 2 years). Ugh! My heart is sinking as I write this. Just for good measure, you may as well add to the mix that I'm trying to keep a struggling title company afloat in a floundering real estate market. With all of that, I was just about to sail right past April 15th without a thought about taxes! I'm glad I at least remembered with a few weeks to spare! Hmpf. Now, where did I put all that mail that said "important tax documents enclosed?!"

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KristiinaSheree said...

Oh mom! Don't fret about me! You'll miss seeing me in person but I'm sure we'll talk everyday. I'll make sure to post pictures of our cute but pale faces as much as possible. ;-) By the time I come back, you'll be so preoccupied with grand babies that you'll forget I was even gone!


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