Monday, March 31, 2008

Not too bad...

Yesterday turned out to be pretty good. He was definitely better than Saturday. A couple of times dad excused himself to relax in the bedroom, perhaps doze a bit; but he also had some good times with all of us. Although, we did stay too long and ultimately wore him out.

I stopped over this evening after dinner and arrived just as dad was about to go back into the bedroom. Even though I didn't get to visit with dad (which I don't mind - I rather he get his rest), it gave mom and I a good opportunity to just sit and talk for over an hour.
While mom and I were chatting, dad's friend, Randy, came by to say hello. When mom announced who it was to dad, he was delighted and asked him to come right on in the bedroom where there's already a chair situated. Even though he's not out of bed, it's good to hear him talking so animatedly with his friend. He's enjoying his company. (Dad did get up after Randy left and I got to visit with him for about 45 minutes before he went back to bed and I headed home.)

The hospice nurse came by today. Dad's blood pressure is much better today. There are definitely signs, though, that his body is slowing down. Yellow complexion = reduced liver function... very dark urine = reduced kidney function... short of breath = reduced lung function... fast heart rate (104) = heart working to compensate (that's our interpretation of what the nurse has said).

In God's grace, we're all just taking what each day brings, thankful that dad is not uncomfortable (thanking God for Hope Hospice who makes dad's comfort their priority!).

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