Sunday, May 18, 2008

More Photoshop Fun!

I had a blast today doing more exploring and experimenting with Photoshop. Check it out (of course, I had to post the befores and afters). My subjects for today's fun are my cousin, Aimee's family...

Oh yeah, and just so ya know... I don't have one of those mega-cams like my blogging/photo-sharing friends with their Nikon/Canon SLRs (seeking grace...). I'm just using a Canon Powershot s3 is, though someday I hope to graduate to the big-time.

Here's Megan... all PS'd and pretty!

Megan before the fun

Sweet, thoughtful Megan (PS'd... but what can I do about that bright white spot on her arm?)

And before

This adorable one is Haley (don't care for the effect on the window)

Before the fun.

All four of the kids - uploaded it looks darker than it did before (?)


The whole family... Aimee and Monty with their four happy kids! (again, a little dark and shadowy)


My precious pun'kin with Haley and Megan (they need a little sunshine on their faces)


They need a little more tweaking!

1 comment:

Donna Boucher said...

What nice skintones you were able to achieve with the photoshop!

I love seeing your before and afters!

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