Monday, May 19, 2008

Puppy Kisses

Dexter hates them. At least he'd like to portray himself as hating them.

This is his warning posture... he's strongly suggesting they don't come near him all licky, wiggly and waggy. It just annoys him.
"I'm telling you... Stay There! Don't come any closer..."

This is how seriously they take him...
Emma (who always has something in her mouth) thinks he might like it if she shares.
Blaze just thinks he can lick away the ferociousness. He can!
"Argh! Again, they're not buying it!! Can't a guy have his space?"

That's all show... he's a lover!

"Thanks for letting me come in the bedroom with you mom...
and for shutting the door! High-five (or four)!"

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houseofriends06 said...

Dearest Pam,
I loved taking a break and reading and catching up on your life. Your blog is wonderful, your family so precious, and your writings so heart sent. Thank you for giving me a place where I can stay updated and close to you though we are 3,000 miles away. Your mom looks so beautiful and I continue to keep your family in my heart and prayers. Love Linda
P.S. - My Bo got an AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!

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