Saturday, May 31, 2008

First Day in Vermont

First of all... last night I slept under a warm blanket with my window open! That was nice! This morning when I woke up and peered out my bedroom window, the view made me giddy (it was dark when we arrived last night). Nic and Kristiina's yard is lush green and filled with colorful flowers.
It began raining, though, while we had coffee and made breakfast, so that altered the sightseeing plans Kristiina had for the day. Instead, we did a little shopping in New Hampshire where there is no sales tax (Kristiina needed some work clothes and Nic picked up a couple of pairs of jeans) That was cool.
Then we had a late lunch at their favorite pizza place in Claremont; a really good meal! On our way home we stopped at the grocery store that they always go to (the one in Claremont is far more reasonable than the one in Windsor).
Even though the day wasn't exactly what Kristiina had in mind - it was still fun and full of wonderful sights! We saw hills and long-range mountain views, and so many trees and flower varieties we don't get to see in tropical Florida.
When we got home, I went around snapping a few pictures of the flowers in their yard. There's pretty rhododendron in lavender and bright pink, there's several lilac trees in varying shades of lavender, there are two big peony shrubs, but those haven't bloomed yet... they have great big buds, though. And there's another pretty shrub with orange flowers on it that Kristiina hasn't been able to identify yet.
Following a much needed nap, we played Wii Fit for a while. I love Wii... I want one! Then we settled in and watched a movie (I Am Legend... Yikes!). Our late lunch was so big that no one wanted dinner. We just munched on popcorn and Raisinets. Well balanced meal...
And that was Day 1. I didn't sweat once! Instead, I had on jeans, closed toe shoes, a long sleeve shirt and a sweater! Amazing.
Tomorrow we plan to do what we were going to do today... head up to Nic's work site in Woodstock and also check out where Kristiina works near Quechee Gorge. She said there's some neat antique stores, a glass and pottery factory, and the Cabot cheese factory there. Looking forward to it!

Here are a couple of photos from today. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get some with a blue sky!

Here's the pizza place

Their side yard. So colorful.

Part of the back yard - detached garage.

The view of the dairy farm from the back yard (and kitchen, living room, master bedroom, upstairs hall, and one of the guest rooms!)

The front entrance

Peering out one of the front windows.

Outside every window of their home is a charming, colorful view like this one!

Talk to you tomorrow!

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