Sunday, June 1, 2008

Vermont Day 2

After breakfast we went to Woodstock/North Bridgewater to "The Project" that Nic is working on.

Here's Kristiina at a doorway that has a peak of Mt. Ascutney. They live "in the shadow" of that mountain in Windsor.

This is The Project... a 13,000 sq. ft., $9,000,000 log cabin!
Nic is the Project Manager. (Kristiina is so proud of him.)

This is just below the cabin. Still on the property, it's the pavilion and pond.

Geez, that's a big nail!

A better look at Mt. Ascutney from the cabin.

After we left The Project, we had lunch at the Farmers Diner in Quechee, Vt, where Kristiina is now working.

Here's the outside of the charming little diner. It's in a neat tourist area.

After lunch and perusing the "tourist traps" for awhile, we headed over to Quechee Gorge. We took pictures from the bridge, then decided to trek down to the water.

Here's a view of the gorge from the rocks below. You can see the bridge where we started. I ventured out into the middle of the river... rock hopping.

It was a fun day. We were happy to see where Nic and Kristiina both spend their days. The sights all around us were spectacular, and the weather is delicious! Crisp, clean air... jacket weather. Love it.

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