Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vermont Day 6

Well, if yesterday was sedentary... today was anything but! It got off to a slow start; we had cereal and coffee, and each flipped through a magazine while we had our second cup. But as the minutes ticked by, we realized that we needed to get our rears in gear and do something. We got ready and decided to go for a walk.
We were going to bike ride, but Joe thought that bike riding on Route 5 was a bad idea. The shoulders are pretty tight and the vehicles travel faster than they should. He's probably right. So, we set off on foot...

...and walked all the way to New Hampshire! I'm serious. We just kept going. It actually was our destination since we wanted to see the Cornish-Windsor Bridge, but that was when we were going to ride bicycles to it... we didn't realize we'd get there by hoofing it! It's about 4 miles each way; so we walked roughly 8 miles today. That's reasonable, though more than a day at Disney.

So... here's what we encountered today:

The Dairy Farm. I wish we had a blue sky. It was so overcast today. But, at least it wasn't raining.

More farm views.

The goats came out of their pen to say hello. They were noisy.

They were awfully curious about us.

We stopped often to take pictures. Too bad about all the wires and lack of blue sky!

There was an abundance of wildflowers along the road.

Love the flowers!

Pressing on. (Yeah, not the best route for a bike ride.)

Finally, we came to the waterfall at the American Precision Museum.

It was a pretty spot.

Just a little further was a diner we wanted to try for lunch...Dan's Diner on Route 5. We sat at the middle window with the flowers beneath it. The food was good.

Okay... back on the road and, of course, we encountered more beautiful flowers. Here's a big, fluffy peony.

Here we are... this is the bridge entrance on the Vermont side.

Peering out the window at the Connecticut River, halfway between Vermont and New Hampshire.

A look at the bridge from New Hampshire. Have I mentioned I wish we had a blue sky today?!

The entrance to the bridge from the New Hampshire side.

Inside the bridge and headed toward home.

I don't know what we'll do tomorrow. Maybe just go out front and pull weeds. There are a lot of fuzzy dandelions out there.

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