Monday, June 2, 2008

Vermont Day 3

Nic had to work today, but Kristiina, mom and I did a little more exploring - stayed more in the vicinity of Windsor.

First, we stopped at Kennedy Pond which is right around the corner from Nic and Kristiina's house. She said it's where they'll swim in the summer (if they're brave enough to withstand the chilly water), and where they'll ice skate in the winter.

Then we went into town... or the village. It's so quaint. Lots of little shops and places to eat. And lots of old brick buildings.

There's also lots of charming homes. The lady in the antique store asked if we had seen "The Gingerbread House." We had to walk over and check it out.... adorable, isn't it?

Everywhere you look, people have placed flowers in their windows and in planters on their porches. I guess when winter is so long and cold, they relish spring and summer!

After meandering around the village for a while, we went to the Harpoon Brewary for lunch. Mom and I tried Rasberry Beer with our sandwiches. It sounds weird, but was surprisingly delicious. While we were there, we also checked out the Simon Pierce Factory (glass and pottery) and watched some guys blow glass for a while. That was interesting.

On our way home, Kristiina wanted to show us this old barn she found. It's huge... with several buildings on the property. Unfortunately, it's abandoned and decaying but it was interesting to wander around it.

It's definitely seen better days.

Here's another charming Windsor house. Joe really liked this one when he was here. It's on Nic and Kristiina's road.

This is also on Nic and Kristiina's road. Built in the 1700's, it was an old tavern. Then in 1777, the Constitution of Vermont was signed here and it has become known as the Old Constitution House - the birthplace of Vermont.

It's twilight as we head back to their house. Here's the entrance to a property that's up the road from them. Charming... I use that adjective a lot - but it's fitting.

That's all for today... g'night.

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