Friday, June 6, 2008

Vermont Day 7

Rainy, rainy, rainy. That was day 7. We couldn't even go out to pull weeds. Nic got rained out of work and late afternoon we went back up to the property, then over to see Kristiina at work (she was getting done about the time we got there). By then it was just drizzling.

This is the pond at Nic's boss' house. The water is weird looking, isn't it? Nic says they don't do anything to it... it's just spring fed.

Mom and Nic heading back to the house from the pond. Our feet got soaked walking through the grass - it was so wet out.

We went to Rubinton's so Nic could let the dogs out. Bailey is a fat beagle, and Sasha is a year-old cocker spaniel.

Back at home near dinner time... Kristiina shows us her Farmers Diner T-shirt... I have one, too.

The back is cute. "I prefer butter to margarine, because I trust cows more than chemists."

Hanging out before reading the paper; Nic fooling around with Wii.

So, today was wet and chilly. Tomorrow is supposed to be partly sunny and in the low 90's. What?! I wasn't supposed to sweat up here. Kristiina has to work, but Nic is going to show us some sights. Maybe it'll be a cooler "90's" ???

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