Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vermont Day 4

Both Nic and Kristiina had to work today so mom and I were on our own until about 3:30. We had a leisurely morning then decided to tackle some of the boxes that have been hanging around here. Not the full ones... we wouldn't know where to put things. But the empty ones. They had a TON of empty boxes all over the place that they just haven't had an opportunity to take to the basement yet (the move required hundreds of boxes which has been overwhelming). They're not discarding them because they'll burn them come winter! So we stacked them neatly downstairs making a 10' X 7' wall of broken down boxes. After lunch we decided to take a walk.

We went down their street then circled around to the service road for the farm so we could see the yard behind their house. This is the perspective of the farm and the mountains from below.

Check this out! I'd have been ecstatic to find these as a kid in Syracuse! Okay, I was a bit excited to find them today... but I restrained myself from picking them and sending them sailing into the wind!

Northern weeds are so pretty. We actually picked some and brought them back to create a lovely weed bouquet! We found quite a variety.

Now we've reached Nic and Kristiina's yard. I'm standing in the shade of a HUGE tree that's on their property. That horizontal branch you see will make a perfect rope/tire swing!

And turning in the direction of their house... here it is. There's about 40' - 50' of yard before you get to that steep hill. Nic is going to build stairs so this lower level of yard is easily accessible from the top. Right now there's a path, but it's pretty steep. That open window on the right is the guest room mom is staying in.

Heading back home, we saw some Queen Anne's Lace - also reminiscent of Syracuse!

We're approaching Nic and Kristiina's house. Visible over the neighbor's green fence.

Here we are. I thought it would be fun to paint their fence while we're here, but Kristiina said that too much of it has to be replaced to bother. They'll just live with this "rustic" look until they're ready to do that. It's not at the top of their long project list.

It was such a pleasant afternoon, we really enjoyed the walk (about 2 miles)... the sunshine, the breeze, the fresh air. We decided to go out to dinner tonight, then came back and watched a movie... it was a good, relaxing day.

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