Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

We had a full, fun day. We started by having breakfast with grandma (mom, Aunt Mega, Uncle John, Alana, Rob and me). Afterward, Alana and I went in search of flowers to plant around grandma and grandpa's house. She wanted geraniums and impatiens. The impatiens were easy to find, but we went to three different nurseries in search of geraniums and no one had them. Hmpf. Why not? They're surely not uncommon. Hmmm.

Anyway, we visited with grandma and grandpa for a while, then got busy planting. We set seven impatiens plants and two rose bushes in their resting places in the front of the house and in back below the living room window (easily viewable from inside). Grandma and grandpa loved it and were so appreciative.

Later, we sat on Alana's patio munching on snacks and sipping on mudslides.

Zoe joined us, too. She's such a cutie-pie!

Mom and Aunt Mega enjoying the outdoors (Rob and Alana's patio).

Before the boys set off their fireworks in the driveway, we girls all climbed into Alana's big king-sized bed and watched a chick-flick (while the darling boys occassionally set off firecrackers outside our window making us jump out of our skins!).

I caught Alana brushing her teeth and she struck a pose!

Tomorrow we're gonna take the boat out on the river - relax in the sunshine!

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