Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm Not at the Office!

And I love not having an office to go to!! I used to always be at the office... every Monday through Friday, except holidays... but not any more.

I get up when I feel like it (it's still early). Have coffee at home (I used to not bother making it until I got to the office), eat a substantial, leisurely breakfast (add eggs and sausage or bacon to the cinnamon toast), and rest awhile {grin}, pondering what I'll do with the day.

It doesn't take long, though, for me to get it in gear. Yesterday, I thought I'd tackle the boxes, but ended up spending the whole day on floors (vacuuming and mopping), and doing a whole bunch of laundry... even all the throw rugs.

Today I am still doing laundry (You'd think we had mounds of it piled up in the laundry room... but we really didn't. I frankly don't know where its all coming from!); and Joe and I managed to sort through 6 of the stacked boxes in our living room. I still have 6 dozen to go through, but that's okay; I feel like I'm making progress.

Now, I'm off to the mall to round up more boxes. I have a friend that manages a retail clothing store. Their shipment boxes are great for moving!

I could get used to this... the-day-is-my-own thing! Unfortunately, I have a job waiting for me in NC... actually, that's not unfortunate. I'm grateful!

...but I really could get used to this.


Dot O said...

Pam, I just realized. YOu will have to change the address of your blog. How will you be PAMINFLORIDA if you are PAMINNORTHCAROLINA???

The Arthur Clan said...

Yeah ~ it's so good to hear an update from you. Glad you're making progress on all those boxes!

Bob said...

Sounds like you have really gotten a jump on making this happen, which is fantastic. Should you run into any issues getting boxes though, do what I did and get used boxes from Great boxes, cheaper than new and free delivery to my home. And the moving kits had everything I needed to be ready for the big day. Definitely worth looking into.

I'm sure you've got your box needs covered with your friend at that retail store. But if you run short, I'm sure they can help you like they helped me. Good luck with the move!

Maximiliano said...

Well my dear, sounds like you've got quite a bit to do, and you're loving it! When during my move, I was so grateful to make the decision of staying up late and sleeping in or going to sleep early and waking up early. I kinda just went with the flow. Of course the late nights usually included a bottle of wine! Ha :-) Anywho, there were a couple of thoughts I wanted to share. First, of all the place mentioned by Bob is a God send. I kept running out of boxes, and with three kids, I could not go looking for them all the time. The second thought is a garage sale. That not only saved me money, it made me money! It is also a very earth-friendly thing to do. My last little tid bit is for the other side of your move. Once you get there, you are going to have a bunch of boxes and paper and stuff. The easiest (and greenest) way to get rid of your stuff is to place an ad on You'll be sure to get rid of it fast.

Well, thats it for now! Happy packing.


Pam O'Brien said...

Thanks, Bob and Maxi, for the moving tips!! I appreciate it!

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