Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Project

Nic took us up to see The Project today.

We saw some awesome sights along the way... through the fog!

When we got up there, though, it was perfectly clear. Look how far the cabin has come! Mom and I were amazed. Nic is doing such a good job... what an undertaking!

Then we went down and checked out the pavilion. Sure looks different in wintertime!

The property...

Then we went up to the resort at Mt. Ascutney to see about having some lunch up there.

Another awesome day! Now, it's time for Kristiina's homemade pizza and a cozy evening in front of the fire (wood stove) while we watch a movie.

Have a good evening...


Dot O said...

Pam, is that cabin going to be your home???? It's stunningly gorgeous!

The Arthur Clan said...

Who is the cabin for? Wowza!!

Pam O'Brien said...

Ha! I wish the cabin were for us... or at least in the family...
No, when all is said and done, that'll be a 4-6 million dollar log mansion.
I'm very proud to say that my son-in-law is the Project Manager for it's construction.

Dot O said...

If there is any way you are able to nab inside photos, I'd love to see 'em!!!

Wowza is right!

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