Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Day in Woodstock

So... today mom and I headed to Woodstock. We visited there in June and it was so beautiful, we wanted to see how it compares in Winter. It didn't disappoint!

Here's a shot of the Woodstock Covered Bridge.

Turn around, and get a peek at the government buildings on The Green.

A glimpse up the street... There are many art galleries on this street. Behind us is the gallery/home of Robert Caulfield. We visited his gallery and studio, and enjoyed chatting with him and his wife for quite some time. What a nice couple; and his artwork is beautiful.

After perusing The Green and poking in many of the shops, we decided to stop for lunch at Bently's Restaurant. It was really good, and very cozy.

Here's mom standing at the Woodstock Town Crier; it tells all that is happening in town in the coming days. Notice the temperature is in the mid-20s. It was 12 degrees when we woke up this morning. We were dressed appropriately, though, and not cold at all!

Here's another angle of the government buildings.

Mom spotted this shot... it's quaint, isn't it?

This, too! Sights like this are so typical.

After spending several hours at The Green, we decided to head over to Billings Farm. They provide horse-drawn sleigh rides!

Such beautiful property. Mom saw this one before me, too. I was making a beeline for the barn (I heard there were animal babies in there!), and mom stopped me, "Hey, look at that!"

Ah, yes. I heard correctly. This little calf is only 4 hours old!

They let us get close and pet them. This sweetheart is just about a month old. He really liked mom!

Leaving the farm and heading back to the parking lot... the charming sights were endless!

It was a very enjoyable day. We got back home about 5 o'clock. When Kristiina got home from work, we ran an errand at TJ Maxx, then went out to eat.

Tomorrow, we're headed to Ludlow and Okemo Mountain. We'll get to see the resort where Kristiina works. Nic will get a head start to the mountain to do a little snowboarding.

Till tomorrow...


The Arthur Clan said...

What an absolutely beautiful place to photograph. My camera and I wish we were there with you!

KC said...

Pam, the pictures along with the music are so beautiful, I hope you and your Mom have a wonderful time. Kathy Harrell

Anonymous said...

Still can't get over all the gorgeous shots you got. Please give Kristiina and Nic a big hug for me.
I caught up on your info on your blog. Can't believe you're going to be leaving so soon. Probably doesn't seem soon to you though. Guess I'm not going to be able to see you before you leave?
I'm just glad that it worked out with getting out of the office and getting rid of your house. It's coming together, right?
Well, have a wonderful time in Vermont. Enjoy every moment as I'm sure you are. oodles of xoxo,birdie

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