Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This Time Tomorrow...

... I'll be trying to navigate Logan Airport in Boston, MA. Our expected arrival is 2:26 pm. So, we'll (mom and I) probably be trying to find the luggage belt about now. From there, with the biggest, bulkiest luggage I've ever travelled with, we'll try to find the car rental place.

I don't fly in the winter-time... (at least not north!), the suitcase looks massive, but it had to be to fit the thickest, woolliest, fleeciest clothing I could muster up. I'm going to the North Pole, afterall. No, Iceland. No, Vermont. What's the difference? I'm leaving sunny Florida with it's comfortable 70's temperatures for sub-zero temperatures. Yeah, but Nic and Kristiina are there... and isn't there something about a white Christmas that's kind of dreamy? (Did you see HGTV's Top 10 Christmas Towns? Woodstock, VT made the list... it's close to their house, and we're going there!! )
So...we'll bundle up!

Here was their house on the first day of winter...

Since then, they've called and said they've received a few more snow storms and many more inches! Kristiina said she can't see her fence and the snow is over the dogs' heads. And the poor things... they're not like Bailey (below), they're Florida dogs still learning to navigate in this new climate!! It's gonna be an adventure, that's for sure!! A chilly adventure.

I wouldn't mind your prayers. Boston is about 2 or so hours from their house. (We'll arrive right at dinner-time!) The thing is... mom hasn't driven in snow in 30 years. I've never driven in it (having left Syracuse, NY before I was driving age...).

This oughta be fun! :-D

And think of Joe, too. It's hard to come by a trustworthy Sitter-for-Seven, so he's hanging back with the beloved "Big Kids" and "The Puppies." The thing is, he's not just sacrificing the Christmas celebration, with his wife and MIL gone, it's his birthday the day after Christmas (what a rip).

Everyone wish Joe a Happy Birthday on 12/26!

He's gonna kill me... Love you, honey. Muah!

And stay tuned for winter-wonderland pics and videos during Christmas week....

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Dot O said...

Pam, I am so looking forward to hearing about your adventures! If you can figure out where PA is when looking out the window of your your airplain, wave as you fly over. However, it will be raining here so there will be some clouds to obscure your view of us.

You will have a blast. Any dream of a white Christmas you may have will certainly come true.

Enjoy this time with your daughter, although it will be sad that your hubby will be hanging back at home without you. Hopefully, you have a big Christmas present to make up for your absence.....

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