Saturday, December 27, 2008

Okemo Mountain Resort

Ooooh, such a gloomy day. It didn't deter us, though. We headed up to the mountain, anyway... Okemo Mountain, it's where Kristiina works; their friend, Louie, too. Kristiina is in the real estate department, and Louie is a Lift Foreman.

Here's a peek...

This is what we saw from where mom, Kristiina and I had lunch... a couple of the lifts. Louie was manning the one on the left.

Some of the lodges at the resort.

Little kids getting ski lessons.

Jackson Gore... another portion of the resort.

The units that are for sale at Jackson Gore.

There I am. I was actually too warm and stepped outside with my coat off to cool down a bit. It worked in no time!

Kristiina at work; and wearing the sweater from Great Grandma and Grandpa (she loved it!).

Showing Grandma the artist's rendering and describing the amenities.

Nice day!!


The Arthur Clan said...

What a beautiful place to visit!

Anonymous said...

Ok, can I just say how jealous I am that you are enjoying all the beauty and cold weather?! It's been in the 80's here! Throw a snowball or two for me!!! birdie

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