Monday, August 18, 2008

Bracing for Fay

We're hunkering down in anticipation of Hurricane Fay. Well, not really. We're taking mild precautions "just in case"; but its only expected to be a Cat 1 by the time it makes landfall. I'm going to close the office tomorrow (the schools are closing, so I'm following suit), and we'll unplug the computers and get them up off the floor, but we don't need to board up all the windows (well, I hope we don't... since I'm not going to!).

At home, we'll bring the potted plants in off the patio so they don't go sailing through the neighborhood, but otherwise, I'll take advantage of the opportunity to get some housework done... some reading... some relaxing... some snuggling the dogs... some snuggling Joe...

While it's never a peaceful feeling to be the target of a large storm, we don't have the dread with this storm that we did when Hurricane Charley was making a beeline for us (actually, it wasn't making a beeline for us - it was supposed to hit Tampa; it shifted a tad south at the last minute making us nearly a direct hit). We lost our house in that storm.

Often when I say that, people raise their eyebrows, their jaws drop, and they disbelieving say, "You did??!" I imagine they have visions of our whole house twirling the tumbling down the street like the little house in the Wizard of Oz. It wasn't like that. The storm severly damaged our roof, causing major water and mold damage making it uninhabitable. It was insured (though that was a two-year battle).

As of 11 AM, here's Fay's anticipated course:

See the first little black notch above the 8:00 AM Tue line? That's us.

If you hear anything in the news about Fort Myers, FL... that's also us. I'm in Cape Coral, but Fort Myers is our sister city and the one that always gets mentioned in the news because it's our county seat.

Will have pictures in a day or two, provided we have electricity!

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