Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tap tap tap...

This thing on?

Oh, hi. You are there. I can tell because the counter numbers keep rising. It's not because anyone ever leaves me a comment! (Okay, occasionally I get a comment from my darling Kristiina and every now and then a blogger friend).

Here's how you leave me a comment, for those who don't know.

Down at the bottom of my post, see where it says 0 comments? Yes, that's 0 as in zero! Okay, well, click on that; it will take you to a new screen. It'll say "Leave your comment" at the top and provide a little box for you to type in. Be sure to leave your name in the comment box, because you'll most likely select "Anonymous" at the bottom of this screen.

So, after you've typed your comment, it'll ask you to type in some weird letters that don't mean a thing. It's just some security something or another.

After typing in the "code", then you can select Anonymous and click Publish Your Comment (the orange bar). Your comment should appear on the blog almost immediately.

Any questions... just leave me a comment, I'll help you out.

Ho ho ho, hee hee hee! Love you; muah muah!

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houseofriends06 said...

Hi Dear Pam,
I finally found some time to sit and visit you through your blog. Lots of great postings, and it was fun scrolling and reading your wonderful writings about your life, family, and days. Praying you are well, enjoying your Florida weather (HOT & HUMID I imagine). We've had some hot days but tolerable. Bo and I are doing well, and I am enjoying life back at work. God certainly had changed our season once again. It's always a walk of trust and faith. He's bigger and wiser and that I know. I've been posting some photos on eyefetch again just to get back into my photography. Time is such a treasure now that I work 40 hours a week. My weekends are too precious and spent with my husband who is gone 4 days a week out of town.

Well, enough about me. Write when you have some time. I love you and think of you often.
Oh, mom is doing great. We adore her here.
Love Linda

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