Friday, August 15, 2008

Turtles and Tortoises

Our next door neighbors have a turtle pond. It's a pretty big area designated just for the turtles; about 10x20 feet with plenty of dry area and plants to hide in, and 3 small pools with fountains. While they've been at their Georgia home for the summer, we've been feeding the turtles.

It's pretty interesting to watch them, actually. They have about 16 (that's how many I've counted, so far) assorted varieties of turtles and tortoises, ranging in size from as big as the palm of your hand to as big around as frisbees.

When they hear you coming, they scurry and splash into the pools to hide. Then they realize it's just you (because, of course, "you" means food) and they come back out to say hello and "whatcha got?"

I've decided that if I were ever to have a pond... it would be a turtle pond instead of a koi pond. Now that I've cared for turtles, I think the koi (is it just koi, or koi fish?) would be boring.

Any body else have a turtle pond (or a koi pond)? What do you think? Glad you did it?

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