Friday, August 29, 2008

So, that's a cord...

... or maybe it's 3 cords.

My son-in-law, Nic, emailed me this photo. The subject line read, "Our first cord of wood." He later wrote to me that there's a guy from "the job" (which is synonomous with "the project" that you've heard me speak of ... or would that be you've read me write of... but that sounds silly...) Anyway, he said there's a guy from the job that splits wood every year so they bought 3 cords from him.

Aha, this must be 3 cords of wood. Whatever it is, they're hoping it lasts all winter - but he said it's predicted to be a cold, snowy one!

Nic and Louie, their good friend, loaded it all up in the dodge then stacked it neatly here beside the garage. What a task!

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Kristiina said...

That is only 1 cord! We now have 2 cords in that spot with another 1/2 coming on Monday from Forest. I honestly don't think 3 cords will even get us halfway through the winter. Especially if we get an outdoor wood boiler. Nic is already looking into ordering truckloads of logs this fall for next spring. :-/

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