Wednesday, September 10, 2008


...why do dogs hate it so much?

But first -

It's been raining here off and on since yesterday afternoon. The effects of Ike passing beneath us... we're feeling the outer bands of wind and rain. Here's a look:

FL Satellite Image from Wink News this morning.

Fox News Headline read: Ike Brings Flooding to Southwest Florida

Some of the roads were closed this morning due to flooding.

Okay, so with that in mind, you can imagine that our back yard is a muddy, puddly mess (at least in the dogs' favorite, sodless, play-pit areas), and Zeila and Bruiser were having a blast out there yesterday evening! They were running and splashing through those puddles like giddy children.

By the time we realized that they weren't avoiding the puddles, but rather seeking them out, it was too late... a bath was definitely in the future for at least two (thankfully, the others were in the house or it could have been a bath-time marathon last night).

So, Joe and I let them have their fun outside playing in the mud and puddles while we cooked dinner and ate... the whole time watching and enjoying their antics.

Then, it was time. I did the honors. "Okay you guys... one at a time. Come here, Zeila; you first. No, Boo Boo, you have to wait here for a bit. C'mon Zei, time for a bath... C'mon Zeila. Zeila. Come." She darts past me and leaves Bruiser outside wondering why he can't come in. "It's okay, Boo, I'll be right back." Turn to find Zeila. She's cowering now. I said the B-word and she heard it. We play a brief game of zig-zag chase in our bedroom until I get her cornered... she ducks past me. "No, Zeila! Not on the bed!" Ugh, I'll have to wash the sheets. More chase. Finally, I'm able to scoop her up and carry her to the bathroom, her long legs are stretched out spastically and hitting me in the shins as I try to walk.

We have a pretty roomy walk-in shower with a hand-held shower head which makes the job relatively easy... once you actually get them in there, that is. So, the process begins... nice warm water, a sudsy massage, very gentle with ears and face (never spray them!), I'm cooing and crooning all the while. What's so bad about that?

So, Zeila is done and dried off...unscathed, to her surprise. Bruiser's turn. "C'mon, Boo Boo. C'mon, Good Boy." He's not moving. He doesn't want to come in the house anymore. "It's okay, Booby. C'mon." He's lowered his head. Do you think it's because I just called him Booby? Maybe he doesn't relish that name. (Yeah, we pretty much call him everything but Bruiser... besides Boo Boo, two of my favorites are: Boobalicious and Boobalooba, Booby is short for those two.)

Finally, I persuade him to come in the bedroom. I'm baby-talking him to the hilt! He's not like Zeila. He doesn't dart and dash about trying to avoid the inevitable. He gets low to the floor and hangs his head. I have not mentioned the word "bath" to him since all of this coaxing began. But I know he's been dreading it since he heard me mention it to Zeila. Well, I can't pick him up - he's bigger than Zeila. So, I push and steer him toward the shower. He digs in his heels... he doesn't want to go!

"Geez. What's the matter, buddy? C'mon... It's okay..."
There... he's in! And the same process begins; he's lavished with spa-style treatment and sweet-talk.

So...Why do dogs hate baths so much? !

By the way...

Needs a bath...

Had a bath!

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