Thursday, September 18, 2008

New York City

Today on Miz Booshay's blog... she's wondering where Ree and MM might be off to... someplace 18 hours away from home (which is Oklahoma). Miz Boo says it could be Wyoming..??? I'd love to go to Wyoming! Someday...

She mentioned that she's never been to New York. I thought, hmmm... I have - I'm from New York! I'll bet she meant New York City, though. I'm from upstate New York, and only visited New York City once. It was 1989 - I'd already been a Floridian for 11 years.

It was during this trip... we were visiting Joe's sister for Thanksgiving in NJ.
Kristiina's first time to see snow was also my first (and only) time to see NYC.

It hadn't snowed in NJ on Thanksgiving in 20 years... yeah! So, Kristiina's snow experience was unexpected! Likewise, my NYC experience was unexpected... in that, I didn't know what to expect! I was bug-eyed, slack-jawed, and white-knuckled just about the whole time!! It's a very busy place, and we were exploring by car!

We surprisingly found a place to park and did a brief tour by foot. It's then that I stepped from the car onto the sidewalk and almost immediately bumped shoulders with Andre Agassi. That was cool. It would have been cooler, though, if he had acknowledged me... said excuse me, or something. But he just kept walking, never looking back, completely unphased by the encounter (unlike me)! For some reason Joe was under the impression that I didn't realize who he was... but I did.

I think we hoofed it past Grand Central Station... maybe St. Patrick's Cathedral... it's fuzzy. I have to ask Joe for clarification. He knows that place.

Later, we stopped at a pizza place for dinner and ran into one of my childhood friends from Syracuse. What are the odds?! That was cool, too.

So, more exploring by car... and we drove by the Twin Towers... then it was dark, and this is about what our vantage point was. This is not my photo. I found it on, but this is similar to the image I have in my mind... without the Do Not Enter sign.

So, someday I'd like to visit NYC again. I want to see Rockefeller Center, Central Park, have a delicious dinner and see a play. It might even be fun to be one of the street crowd during the Today Show.

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Donna Boucher said...

Oh Pam. Snow. We have snow.

I think I would like to go to New York just to see in person the things I have seen all my life on television and the movies.
And the museums would be lovely.
And I would have to see the Statue of Liberty. I would cry.

And the Empire State building...
it's the nearest thing to heaven...

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