Sunday, September 7, 2008

Black-bellied Lamb

Joe and I travelled to Barbados to commemmorate our Silver Wedding Anniversary (that was in '06). More memories about that trip to come later... but something that struck me today was the memory of the black-bellied lamb (I saw this picture over there on my left side bar, on the Flickr Photo Badge).

I had been taking pictures of these beautiful creatures for days (okay, well this one seems to be more of the landscape than of the lamb).

They were everywhere; roaming freely in fields...

...and scattered along the sides of the roads and in people's front yards.

Everywhere you turned, there were clusters of black-bellied lambs.

The resort where we stayed (Sea-U Guest House) serves dinner family style. Sometimes we gave them our reservation in the morning to eat at the guest house with other guests, and sometimes we elected to eat elsewhere on the island.

The evening of our anniversary, we opted to eat at the guest house. Turns out there were two other couples that ate with us that evening, and we had a spectular time. Good food and good company. The couple on the left were from England and expecting their first child (she had a tiny little baby-bump), and the couple on the right were from Spain, celebrating their honeymoon.

The evening meal, prepared by Joanne, the resort's primary cook, was the best lamb I have ever tasted; not in the least bit gamey or greasy, which I had come to expect all lamb to be. Black-bellied lamb, I think they called it...

What?! Black-bellied lamb? Oh mercy, it took days for me to realize (and not until someone specifically told me, did it register; thanks Andrew) that the delicious lamb I had for dinner that night was the same as these precious ones I'd been photographing all week.

Our hearts sank... Joe didn't realize it, either.

It would not be much of a sacrifice for me to become a vegetarian! Seriously.

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